UMAREX Introduces Replica Ruger 10/22 Air Rifle


CO2 powered air rifle. Chambered in .177 with a 10 shot rotary magazine, mimicking the real thing, the Umarex 10/22 can fire a pellet at 650 feet per second.

Interesting. Corssman is around 700fps.

Hrmmm. Maybe I do need an Air rifle. this would be neat.

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Good find JS.
It will be interesting to see how much they sell for and if we are lucky enough to get them in the good old USRA (WA).

I have not worried about an air rifle but would be keen on this one as I miss my 10/22.

Oh, good find? Ay?! Reddit, biatch!

If I’d get my hands on one, OMFG, I would tacticool the shit out of it. Belt fed air rifle, by the time I am done! Arghhhh!


LMAO :rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Scary part is I can just picture it lol

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Imagine all the starlings you could knock off with that thing! :+1::grinning:

So its a replica of the crosman 10/77 then? With a lesser magazine capacity

I like it. …but id really like to see it in. 22cal :smile:


Be interesting to see if the external tank mods from the crossman will work on it easily. Paintball tank hose and high pressure air tank with a regulator really improves shot to shot accuracy. Without it you get quite a bit of spread between first shot and 20th shot out of those small co2 bottles.

So the big question is @juststarting will you have a slug gun by PF?

Hahaha, nah, this thing is not even out yet.

You should buy a daisy Ryder to tide you over then!

He should get 2, that way he can turn one into tacticool, and keep the other standard.

Wrong thread lol

Looks cool, but CO2 powered rifles are shit. Yeah I said it.

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Seems nurf is making a 10-22 too, Lol!

You mean, someone wrapped 10/22 in Nerf furniture.

Had one…way to loud for my use, and the bulbs are expensive, and unique, not your std. soda stream variety. Give me a spring, and piston gun any day! I traded it off.