Ultrasonic pistol cleaners

I was just talking to a mate on his way home from the range, he was complaining about having to clean his pistols.
It got me thinking about ultrasonic cleaners, do any of you guys use one or have any experience with them?

I have one. I had a really old one for a long time but it was only small and although it was a commercial for business type use I broke it.

It would have been late last year I think I bought another one this time a cheapie from ebay.

Digital 6L Ultrasonic Cleaner Stainless Heater

They come in a range of sizes, I went for the slightly bigger one just because when you have something like this there is often another job it can be used for.

The heating is not great on it dont expect to be able to put cold water in and it heat up like a kettle. Its more for maintaining a temperature.

The vibrating part works very well and there is a vibrating part for every 60W in the 6L case it is 3. Again they are not full on industrial units that can be run continuously. I have run mine for 15min the suggested max. I think even 5 minutes may be suggested. 5 minutes is all that is needed quite often.

I have used it on actions and trigger mechs like on old 303 stuff and it worked pretty well getting grime from out of those tight spots. Of course what you use in the tubb has a huge bearing as well.

I have used it on the wife’s jewelry stuff like chains and it gets inside the links removing grime. I think would be good for trigger mechanisms that don’t come apart.

Big tick from me just find a good seller perhaps Aliexpress may also be a good source.

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Jaycar kit NLA.

Is this what your talking about @Wombat?

No, they used to do a really good kit so you could make a powerful one in the size and shape you wanted. Sadly no longer available.

Bummer that would be cool.

Its a Silcon Chip magazine design from 2010. So you might be able to do without the kit, or perhaps another place still does them.

Found a supplier - but I have never dealt with these guys, so cannot comment on them- https://tronixlabs.com.au/kits/silicon-chip-high-power-ultrasonic-cleaner-kit-australia/

I still have the original name brand one the bit the dust. The vibrations were actually made just by the transistor mounted to the stainless steel bowl I think. So the design would be very simple just an oscillator circuit of some type.

I did think about repairing the old one, tracing the circuit back.

Jaycar also sell a oscillator module self contained I think. It is to be mounted on the hull of boats to prevent fowling. It may be worth looking at but is was about $95-250 from memory.

That Jaycar domestic unit looks like one that was available at Aldi a few weeks back which was $30 it would be worth checking out all the Aldi stores with a quick ring around you might find one

Just got a jaycar email, this one is on sale now.


Thanks for that, I just pulled a couple of broken industrial ones out of the shelves at work today. Not worth fixing them at that price. They might come home with me though…

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