UHF/ VHF Radios and eves dropping

After plinkfest and seeing @AusTac little radios and being a bit of a geek I got enthused and purchased some. With the help of Austac and a bit of research i quickly had them programed.
I have been listening in to the police in my area that is from Kinglake to Wodonga. The amount of shit jobs they do was an eyeopener to me. Heaps of welfare checks lots of people threatening suicide. There were a few good car chases and a few people chases the odd shoplifter ect. The amount of times things were happening in the same street was unbelievable. Shepparton and Seymore really had a high incidence of stuff happening.

Anyway today it looks like it is all coming to an end. The controller is telling all the units to change to the new digital channels seems like each unit has a different channel. So my eves dropping is going to have to come to an end.
A shame as the personal info that was given out was amazing you could soon find out the names and address of all the crims and trouble makers even their phone numbers and date of birth.

What am I going to do now with all the radio gear I have bought? :joy::joy::roll_eyes::disappointed_relieved::cry:


Damn it i knew that was going to happen soon buts its been happening ’ soon ’ for years! Still good non encrypted comms to listen to mate, just have to scan and enjoy, i’ve been especially listening to the local SES which was good, just about to start my training with them, can get vicfire on 162.772 as well which would be useful for you mate, they’re good little radios for the $ enjoy :call_me_hand:

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Yeah it’s a shame. Have a UHF in the ute. Back when metro was online it was addictive to listen to. Used to sometimes make a detour on the way home from work etc. to crime scenes. Amazing how much shit goes on around you and the average person is oblivious.