U.S Trip, Work and play.

So I head to the U.S again on Friday. Will be working in the tower at Whittington calling all of the NRA Small-bore, High-power and Lever gun Silhouette National matches and shooting in the BPCR matches.

Looking forward to the trip, not so much the work, but to catch up with friends and shoot in the matches.
New Mexico is a great state to visit. Heaps of history, landscape that varies from near desert in the South to snow-capped mountains in the North. The NRA Whittington centre is a spectacular place, look it up on the web, 40,000 acres of shooting complexes, rugged sandstone escarpment background, wide open plains to the south with extinct volcanoes dotted around just to add to the views.

Also, a shout out to @Brett, are you going over again this year?

Missed out this year due to issues getting the permits for the big gun in time from the US govt. As soon as they hear BMG they get all excited about ITAR and can’t make decisions. I’ll go next year but will start the paperwork in February so I’ve got plenty of time to sort out delays on both sides. Enjoy your trip, should be excellent weather there.

That’s a bummer, it is a total pain in the arse getting all that together. It’s bad enough for me with my gear, can well imagine the trouble that yours would create. I wound up buying and leaving a bpcr rifle over there to save the hassles.

How do you go about that @danmac I didn’t think foreigners could buy guns in the US or do you have one technically owned by a friend that you can borrow while you’re there?

Yeah, that is the situation. I have a very good friend who “bought” a rifle and all of the accessories just for me to use when I visit. :wink:

What a good guy, its nice to have good buddy’s :sunglasses: