True ambidextrous stock?

So I’m fantasising about a hunting rifle in 7mm-08 because it’s a cartridge I understand and that is very versatile for anything I am likely to hunt.

Problem being my eyesight.
I’m naturally right handed so close, more instinctive shots I am much better right handed. However, my right eye is dodgy so for more precision I have taught myself to shoot left handed for extended range.
It makes sense for me to have a right hand action as that would give me the best of both worlds for quick shots & follow ups, let’s say inside 50m. The right hand action would also set me up at range as I have done all my shooting out to 600m with a left hand stock, right hand action….

So. Does anyone know of a realistic option for a truly ambidextrous stock or is it something I’d have to get custom made if I wanted a high end finish?

Dumb question perhaps because maybe I should just learn to get close enough to shoot with my dominant hand…. :joy::thinking:

I guess you could just mill a bolt handle recess into the opposite side of the stock. I dont know if rifle stocks generally have cast like a shotgun (left or right curvature). Might need to forgo the monte carlo cheek piece though.

The best soltution, and Im sure everyone here will agree with me, is to buy two of each gun. :+1:t6:

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What aboutthe Boyds At One stock?

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As you are keeping the right handed action then it is easy. Most mcmillan / manners and chassis don’t have anything specifically left or right handed except the ejection port and bolt handle recess.

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All higher end and most other stocks have features specific to “handedness”:

  • palm swell (settle down…)
  • cast
  • toe (although these two not so much as shotties)

Even the moulding on ‘pistol grip’ part is usually designed for handedness to some extent on most stocks.

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@bentaz & @Gregfiddich, I’ll take a look at these suggestions but I was thinking something more trad/heritage style to drop an heirloom barrelled action into… you know, fancy timber and pretty checkering…
As I said, I was fantasising…
Won’t be affording one in any hurry and can’t see when I’m ever actually gonna get hunting; I’ve got 1km of trout stream in my front yard and have only managed to fish it about 5 times in the last 3 years!!! :joy::joy::joy::thinking::flushed:

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Maybe chat with Mr Hatcher if you want a more classic style stock without the Monte Carlo. I got a LA101 stock off him a while ago.


Holy shitballs. I kept fantasising about a Mauser until I checked the website….


I could probably get a full custom job for that or near enough to!