Trimming brass for lazy people

I’ve started with Lee Quick Trim. Which is fine, until you stumble on a calibre that Lee doesn’t have a die for. Also, I didn’t like the idea of cranking press handle, etc. Just too many steps and not consistent enough. At least not for me.

So, for my b’day, I was gifted a university trimmer.


The beauty of the laithe style universal trimmer (although I still have calibres that don’t fit!), is that once you sacrifice a case to the reloading gods and make a template, trimming that calibre is then just a matter of setting up the template and cranking the handle, knowing that result will always be very accurate and consistent.

Mmmmmmm, cranking handles, still too many steps, for my soft IT hands.

So… Picked up a second hand trimmer, similar to the one above (I still use the manual one on occasion), because I wasn’t going to butcher the good one and went to town. Drilled, tapped, added a bolt and here we have it. Trimmerteon-3000. The lazy folk edition.

I was trimming anyway, so I thought, meh, I’ll record my mind numbing efforts

If you really want to be lazy you get the kids to do it lol.

I don’t think that’s a solution.

I know lol.

I have brought a Sinclair/Wilson case trimmer with micrometer and base. They are expensive and you have to buy a case holder for every calibre you want to trim.
The micrometer makes changing calibres easy as all you need to do is record the measurement and reset it the next time you do that calibre.

You can also connect your little cordless drill to the end with an adapter so you don’t have to turn the handle.


Would it speed up if you didn’t need to put down pick up the drill? Maybe 3D print yourself a little holder, so you just slide it in and out, and pull the trigger?

$50 from FB seller, now ask your self, was it worth it? LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Plywood would be more suitable here, I have thought about it, tbh. One day…

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I gather you meant yours was $50?
Yes I think mine was worth the cost as it gives me a more accurate trim and the consistency that I want as well as a true square trim that the collet type trimmers don’t always give.

Sir, I say this to you. meh

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: