Traps for Young Players: what to look out for when new to guns

All you gun gurus post your tips of what to look out for when buying used guns or other related traps that newbies might discover when they first get into shooting…

My first tip is to look closely for signs of what i refer to as “farm yard gunsmithing”.
Secondly, look at your purchase dispassionately and be wary of anyone trying to talk up the “vibe” of the gun or talk down any issues the gun might have. Although i like to think people are as forthright and honourable in buying and selling kit as i am, i have found through experience that there are a large percentage of shonks that are happy to pull the wool over your eyes if you allow them to… Buyer Beware!


If it’s a second handy look for a shiny bright bore, if I go and look at a used gun I want to buy I will take a cleaning rod and patches because you can guarantee 95% of the time the bore and rifling will be efin filthy. As said above look for the agricultural smithing, and do your due diligence before going to have a bopeep at a potential firearm then you will have a rough idea on how the said gun is supposed to look like and function.

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I like you expect that people are basically good, esp in a hobbies that you have in common.

I purchased a set of calipers on FB Aust Reloading and Trade from a you bloke in the Army of all things. Deposited money into his personal account names matched up. Turned out to be a scam did my money.

Sorry to go off topic a bit, but just to highlight things are not always as we would like to see them or how we would act ourselves,

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