Trail Camera recomendations

So, I have bought 2 cheaper ones and first one never worked & got a refund. Bought another and it has died in just a few months of use. Ive been waiting for Aldi to have them but still waiting.
Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced trail cam. Price…up to say $130. One u have used yourself and happy with. Pros & cons.

Not to hijack but was it dead when you went up to get it this time?

Yep, in place close to 2 months and about 9 pics


I dont think its batteries. But currently cant test it as Mrs has managed to loose the sd card.:rage: More cards now ordered. I want one operating for the next 3 months. Even if i get it working it was never much good so will buy one anyway.

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I understand that might be your budget point, but that price point is not really “reasonably priced” for a trail camera. That’s bottom end…

Light and day between my el cheapo swan and my mid range ($350odd?) Bushnell trophy.
The Bushnell was set up to monitor some equipment and take time lapse photos - every 15 minutes and went for a full 3 months no worries.

Yeah I’ve had a mid range Bushnell’s out for nearly a year without any maintenance. It only stopped taking photos when the SD card was full. I bought two of mine in 2012, they are still running strong and they are deployed almost continuously.