Trail boss powder

Hi Lads
Just wondering if any knows when Trail boss powder will become available or if there is anyone about that may want to part with there’s

Mate this is the latest release from ADI regarding the current powder production.

Trail Boss is as rare as the proverbial rocking horse sh1t at present and as such, some sellers are asking a premium for any that are unavailable. Guess it comes down to the basic supply vs demand.

Thats some pretty bad news all round

Remember the old days when people use to laugh because pot was worth more than gold? Well soon Trail Boss will be worth more than cocaine.


When was pot $1k/Oz? Or are we talking 1970’s gold/pot prices?

I remember them both being $250 in the early 90s.

Yep what @bentaz said, both were from $250 to $350 an oz in the 90’s (hence “the old days” comment), with pot usually being the more expensive. It was about the same time it cost several thousand bitcoin to buy a pizza lol.

as you say supply and demand is king no matter what powder is out there for sale many are cashing in and asking $800 - $1100 for a bottle but wait things are going to happen as time will tell huh