Toz 8M single shot 22LR trainer

Starting to sell some unused toys… Starting here:

Will post more pics, it’s fine though… Any takers? Name your price.

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Isnt it a target rifle? I dont think its a legit 22 trainer, legal for sevice comp…

Whether it’s legal for service competition or not, I have no idea. It’s an arbitrary set of rule with eclectic list of rifles that makes no sense (the actual list is posted on the forum here somewhere).

However, historically - yes, Toz is in fact a legit training rifles of it’s day for school cadets, actual army, cinema too and shooting galleries. In fact, probably the only rifle.

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Yes i think your right. I had 3 of them, very accurate…I sold them because they are not on the SSAA approved list for csd competition. They should be, i believe.