Top priced 22LR are they value for money

From a FB post I read this about a 22LR The Barrelled action alone at $3000 That makes it one very expensive 22 esp if fitted with the Chassis and trigger they are trying to sell with it.

Someone please enlighten me as to what the special features are of this rifle and how it is value at that sort of coin?

On a larger discussion what are peoples thoughts of the crossover points for value for money on different purpose 22LR

Rhinosport Australia Vudoo Gunworks; I am pleased to announce we are the sole Australian distributor for the Vudoo Gunworks V22 22rimfire.

Its become a bit of a loosely kept secret and we have near full orders for our first and second production blocks with only one or two unspoken for rifles in our first two runs. We are now officially taking orders to fill out block two and into block three.
We are concentrating on the V22 Barreled action in MTU 20" and Kukri 20" and 22" profiles in both right and left handed actions with stainless, black and sniper grey cerakoted barrels (all actions black Melonite). Our projected retail with a dipping AUD/USD rate is $2999 dollars with arrivals due Sep18. Of course I’d love to kit out your Vudoo with an MPA chassis and TriggerTech trigger to make your dream rimfire. We will be in a position to offer Vudoo sourced JAE and XLR series chassis also.

Maybe if you are at the very pointy end of rimfire target comp, it might seem like value if it is a known performer in your discipline but in general… HELL NO! :rofl:

I’m sure as hell not going to buy one for potting bunnies, am I!??!

I justified buying a second hand Anschutz 1710 which was still a lot of money. I paid $1850. It had supposedly shot about 2000 rounds. I justified it to myself as it would be a rifle that I would keep forever it and I could use it for both hunting, plinking and home target practice. I wanted a gun that would shoot as accurately as possible without going to a full custom target rifle. As I get pissed off when plinking really target practice and bullets start going astray a bit OCD but I want them to hit where I am aiming. I then put a new spring in the trigger and a new firing pin spring which was another $100.

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Maybe if your a member of the ssaa single shot old man target team or some form of near olympic competition where that difference between winning or loosing will be worth it, other than that, no bloody way

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After reading that, my arse is so tight I doubt I’ll shit for a month. :flushed: