Top 4 gun wish list?

What the topic says… Top 4 guns you’d like to own, not something you just made up, because it’s cool, but rather something you’ve been thinking about… Doesn’t have to be firearms you’d like to get next, rather something on top of the wish list, rather than I can afford list.

I’ll start.

Ruger No1 in 45-70
Something big, long and black (and tactical) - undetermined. min. 300WM or thereabouts.
Ruger or Smith 44Mag 5" revolver.
Ruger or Smith 357Mag 4" revolver.

Why 4? Because I thought of 4.

My 4 would be;

  • Custom build 7mm Rem Magnum ( sort of in progress)

  • Ruger Super GP100 in 357

  • A nice numbers matching early, like 1915 or so, SMLE 303

  • Ruger 10/22 (to replace the one the Gov stole)

That’s about my list.

Interesting that you list the Ruger in front of the Smith… Finally seeing the light lol

I don’t mind Ruger. I just think Smith is a classic firearm, if you going to own a 357 - and it’s not a Smith, at least one of them, well, what can I say, peasant. Anything else, I’d go ruger GP series LOL

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Ignoring semi-autos, I think my list would be:

  • Good condition, all matching K98. I’d really like an Israeli one with crossed out Nazi stamps.

  • Mummy wrapped No 4 Mk 2.

  • Finnish M39.

  • Something tacticool in .223 as it’ll probably be the only new/modern rifle I ever buy.

These are not necessarily what I’d buy if money were no object, more just ones I’ll probably get one day, hopefully.

C-more 12ga straight pull / Berika black ops (poor man’s c-more)
A nice drilling in like 16, 16, 7x57 or something
Under and over 375 h&h
Ruger no.1 in 45-70.

Holland & Holland round action double rifle in .375 H&H
Benelli M4 12g… i know i can’t but i just soooo want one
Custom built Wilson Combat 1911 45 acp
Purdey side by side 12g sequentially numbered to make my one into a matching pair. (even though it’s impossible it’s still a wish)

@JSS has to be realistic.

I can assure you the wish is very real…but ok then.

Holland & Holland round action double rifle in .375 H&H
Timberwolf pump action 357 mag
Custom built Wilson Combat 1911 45 acp
Purdey side by side 12g sequentially numbered to make my one into a matching pair. (even though it’s impossible it’s still a wish)

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The wish list is of course something that changes like the wind. There are also wants for different reasons ie Just because and then the more practical side. Anyway mine at the moment would be

A 44-40 lever gun. maybe 2 because I would like an historical one say 100 years old and perhaps a new nice shiny one.
A Black Powder rifle probably a cartridge type rather than a front stuffer.
A custom 7mm SAUM target rifle
A 7615 Tactical Remington with Mesa High fitting and then a lot of Magpul extras

The above is not in order of wish.

Irish contract no 4 mk 2 .303 fresh out of the cosmoline

Weirauch hw110 .177 air rifle

Bergara hmr pro in a .30 cal of some sort

Henry lever gun in 45-70 of some sort

A C stocked 03 Springfield.
A .50 cal
An early war K98
Any/all bolt action military issued sniper/DMR rifle.

Mate, knowing your history with all guns, can I suggest a Mosin. It shoots, it’s over 30cal AND IT’S INDESTRUCTABLE! <-- that last one is important in your case.

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I like my case hardened Henry. It is worth the extra dollars imho. Longer Octo barrel is a nice feature.
The standard is still very nice , but plainer. It is shorter and significantly lighter though. The brass is cool, but the super shiny reciever can be a bit harsh if shooting in bright sunlight.


I shot that at plinkfest one weekend, thats actually the gun that made me realize i wanted one

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1886 Pedersoli 45-70
The Fix by Q 308
Anschutz 1727F 22LR from custom shop USA
SKB 880 Crown grade, 1980-ish model 12gauge

How wishful is this wish list?
Szecsei and Fuchs “the elephant’s life” in 375 h&h (assuming money isn’t an issue)
Something tacticool with a suppressor in 510 whisper (assuming suppressors are now legal)
12g Chiappa triple threat
A rifle with a martini style action, full length stock, in either 7x57mm or 7x57mmR

As wishful as your state legislation allows, @Ats3

Yeah, Vic’s not bad, but I’d say we’re quite a while off. And maybe a lotto win before anything that nice would be coming my way. But the second two are achievable.

Trying to find the only picture I have of my pump action shotgun has made me want a pump action rifle.

I realised today , my entire pre 96 gun collection I have exactly one photo of me holding my new Remy 870 a few days after I bought it.

Getting the camera out was rare then. Each photo was precious and you often judged if a subject was worthy of using film.
Or some event or amazing thing would happen and we would say “shoulda taken a photo of that”.
Now I take 17 photos of cupboard handles at Bunnings cause she didn’t want to come, but wants to see every handle they offer. Anyway , I digress .