Today Is Gunday

Well, there are probably a thousand other things i should be doing, like fencing, landscaping, crunching out some more projections and strategising for my business, storyboarding a website updat…
But NO. Today i am making Gunday!

Things to do:

  • Order new trigger for my T-bolt
  • Send a couple of triggers off to the Trigger Guy.
  • Send a few emails to drum up sponsorship for the rifle club as El Presidente has been a bit slack lately
  • Refine the shooting program for the coming club season
  • Reload 7mm08
  • Reload 223rem full load
  • Reload 223rem Trailboss load

What are you up to this Gunday?

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I have some appointments today, but in between I hope to throw the magnet in a lake in ballarat.
This evening I want to get some more reloading done.
I still need to load: 7.7x54 (303sport), 303, 8mm mauser, 6.6x55 cast and load more slugs for plinkfest. I’ll be happy if I can tick one of those off the list today!


Realistically, my to do list might be a bit ambitious but it’s good to aim high, i reckon! :rofl:

You blokes have all the fun :sob:
Here I am starting to load the cruiser up and head to the mates farm for some seriously hard work, target practice :laughing:. Going to sight in his new 300WM and do a bit of long range practice (600 -800 yards).
I wish I could be having fun like you two…:star_struck::sunglasses::innocent:

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Pta approval email for another shotgun this morning so hoping it gets faxed to the dealer today so I can pop in tomorrow.

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Frank O’Reilly’s is meant to be having a 3 day sale. I might drop in and see what I can find. Probably buy a couple of bricks of .22 ammo

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I might try to straighten that shotgun barrel also.

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It’s been another bastard day in the prison. So too f&#*n tired to do any of that shit. Work again tomorrow… BUT I’ve booked the grandson to go for a fox Sunday morning. :sunglasses:

The Mrs will just have to beg for one Sunday night if I’m still up for it.

Maybe some reloading for the plinkfest next week.

Today is new safe day!

I love new safe day

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Must be the day for it :sunglasses::laughing:

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I want a new safe too! :persevere:

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Just buy one anyway, good excuse to collect more guns.

All cash tied up. Huge mortgage and building a business on the smell of an oily rag…


Just one, lol

They look so comfy in there, awwwweeee!

Bit blurry, as if you were shaking the camera. Were you looking at them and rubbing one out?

Short answer is Yes!
Guns are from the left: 357mag chiappa 1882, sportco omark mod 44, greener gp 12ga, savage 212 rifled shotgun, type 99 arisaka, no1 mk3 in 7.7x54 and the pretty pink daisy rider bb gun.
There’s a Stevens favorite tucked away in the corner too but you can’t see it in the pic.

Gees, you blokes are keen. At least they loved. :wink:

I can’t find time to use what I have, let alone load up a few rounds.

Do you guys ever find time to take the Mrs out on a romantic date?

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@Oldbloke no that only has the cook thinking that I have done something wrong.

So Guys how about making a thread in the gear review section with price and thoughts. I am in the market for a new safe.

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