To be tested or Not Covid 19

I didnt really want to start another Covid 19 topic but this is a little different.

The States are starting to open up testing to nearly the whole population at least any who feel sick. In Victoria that is defined as anyone who has a fever, cough or sneeze.

So should you be tested if you have any of these?

The socially responsible thing would probably be yes. If you test positive the result will be a forced lockdown of two weeks for the entire family. Where that may be is still an unknown but the current indications are it would be a monitored facility and it may be at your cost. I think if the Gov went this route they would have to foot the bill or no one would get tested.

If you dont get tested straight away how sick should you get before being tested. We all know at this time of year when the chills hit the night air that coughs develop and the common cold will take hold for a couple of days.

Does the testing even work?

My family experience.

About 5-6 weeks ago my (first day of Vic kids off school) we went to the doctor as a family and all got flu shots. Later that day we went to a small supermarket at that time I dont think social distancing was in place not that it would have mattered much in that particular shop. Anyway my wife was in there for about 20 min.
A week later she is pretty sick with a sore throat, cough and a loss of taste and fever and chills. Again at this time she did not qualify for testing. Two weeks later and I now have a sore throat which progressed to a nasty cough with a chesty flem. A real good wheez when laying on my back and really tired (more than just the home school) So with the expansion of testing last Wednesday we went and got tested at the Northland Drive though it took about two hours of waiting the actual test less than 5 min for the both up us. There must have been at least a thousand people tested each day.
Well I still haven’t been contacted to give us a result. I even called the number today that they give you if your test take longer than five days. The response was well we cant help you all you can do is wait.

i let them know that was kind of dumb with how many thousand people waiting on test results probably circulating in the community and possibly positive. I questioned how the government could make releases like they have detected 10 new cases in the last 24 hours when results were actually probably a week behind.

I would be very cautious of letting your guard down I think the virus is a lot more contagious than they would like us to believe. The testing which is a great way to quickly identify and curb the spread is not the well oiled machine the government is announcing.

For sure.

Can’t expect magic, from a new process that has been rolled out very quickly. As for your results, friends were tested using a ‘drive through’, it took over a week, if that helps as an indication.

btw, friends are vegan, they would have wanted me to tell you.
Hope wifey is on the mend.

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