Tis the season....

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Keeping warm…


What have you cast there mate?

Both CBE…200gn .311 and 120gn .323 for cadet.

Nice one mate, I cast for the 310 yesterday and found there was a difference in projectile weight between the two cavities in the mould. Projectiles were typically from 127.5 - 128.0, and again 128.5 - 129.0.
Will load up each of the batches and see what the difference is. Given the cadet will only be used for plinking at close range I think it will be negligible.

Also about to start casting for .223, and some .308 for blackout and 308.
This casting is fast becoming an addiction. :joy::beer:


The alloy of these is 22 BHN!!! you beauty!!

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