Tips and tricks for Lee Pro 1000 press

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I’ve robbed a certain reloading room somewhere in rural Victoria and ended up with a Lee Pro 1000 press.

I’m planning to use it for loading 357 and 44, for my lever action rifles. Possibly 38 too, but I suspect it won’t run as well, will check.

I’ve been told that you two gentlemen are gurus with this press. I haven’t actually set it up yet, bit any tips and tricks would be appreciated.

To preempt some answers, no, I am not getting a Dillon in the foreseeable futute. This is what I have and this is what I’d like to know.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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One thing I did to upgrade your Pro1000 (yes I was the robbed reloader) was bend up this piece of coat hanger wire and use it to replace the original “kicker” as I had had lots of trouble with rounds not clearing the outfeed ramp, rounds had a tendency to build up until they jammed or fouled the press.

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Ohhhhh do i have some tips! I will preface this by saying that i got a very old pro1000 for $90 as it was “broken”

Stripped it down, gave it a total clean and grease and put it back together and it worked

Issues i had afterwards.

Primers: flipping and going in sideways.

Cause: the indexing rod has to much play causing the primers being knocked over on the pin as the shell plate indexes.
Fix: remove top plate and wrap electrical tape around the tip until it can move in the top plate but there is no wiggle in the rod

Primer tray not allowing primers to slide down the primer feed tube

Cause: couple issues, the mouth on the primer tray edges need to be rounded out to allow a freer flow.
Fix: dremel out the mouth of the primer tray.
Cause: primer feed tray not allowing primers to slidefreely.
Fix: the primer feed tubes are a two piece olded plastic and isnt smooth and had burrs. Sandpaper the burrs out and then smooth out the tray. After which use graphite grease to line the tube tocallow flow.

Press indexing aggressively causinv powder spillage

Cause: on station 3 on the shell plate there is a detent ball and spring. When that is activated the shell plate shakes
Fix: reduce the size of the spring. Eg cut one ring off. The press will index but not as violently and wont spill powder from the case.

I am sure there were other things too that i did but these were the main ones i made.

On the primer feed tube there is a point where gravity will no longer work and it wont feed primers anymore. The fix is to ensure you keep it filled with primers.

Dont run the press to fast either, i can easily churn 200-300 rounds and hour without breaking a sweat. I have a mr bullet feeder but i do. Ot use it.

I visually check powder levels in each case prior to putting in the projectile.

Edit: get rid of the chain that manages the powder throwing and replace it with a spring. I found an old spring in a box in the garage.

I also use clothes dryer scented sheets to remove static charge in the powder hopper… also helps to draw away moisture.

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Thats brilliant dmc!

I am stealing that one

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I gave up on the primmer feeder and hand primed all my brass but I did buy a small mobile phone vibrator of eBay, its stuck on the feed shute, but i didn’t give you the power source for it, I have it there for you but

I aas close to ditching priming on the press but then figured out most of my issues were based on the indexing pole was shaking.

Its a beast that can be tamed… i would say i only time i have primer feed issues is when i am not paying attention to the tray and i let it get too low.

yeah I had intentions of taming it, thats why I built the vibrator (got the idea off the net somewhere) but I just don’t use it. My older Daughter decided she wanted to shoot western action once she turned 12, so being a great dad I went straight out and bought a 357 lever gun, Lee pro 1000, a coachgun and started getting the pistol license ball rolling, booked her for her safety course, you know just because i’m a good dad!
forked out a whole stack of cash before she turned around and said “Dad, can I sign up for hiphop dance classes?”, what about western action I asked? Oh, I don’t want to do that now! apparently the other cool girls didn’t approve, kids can be fickle, lol!
Anyway I shot the lever gun a whole bunch till the novelty wore off and Its all just sat there now for a couple of years so when JS said he was taking up pistols and buying a 357 lever gun I figured it would help him out, hopefully he’ll get it singing and pump out a million rounds.

I had planned on selling my lever action too, but while typing this its just occurred to me that its probably a good goat gun for in the thick scrub where we’re heading soon, damn it anyone know where I can get a Lee Pro 1000?

Some arsehole in Melbourne has one.

Yeah he has my dies, all my brass and pills too, lol!!

Yeah, that guy is a total a-hole.

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I can sympathise, fortunately i didnt spend any money but my step daughter loved her time on the family farm and loved shooting air rifles and such.

We get home she is amped up to get her licence, comes home from school, nup guns are not cool. Effing friends.

On you tube look for a guy called notanexpert. He is a genius with lee pro fixes.

Also liberal with a gun on how to strip the press down to clean.

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@juststarting how are you going with the pro1000?

Thanks for asking, @wylie27. I haven’t used it yet. I’ll aim to do something over the next few weeks. I actually haven’t reloaded anything in weeks, been too busy with everything else :confused:

All good! Life just gets in the way of fun :grimacing:

I don’t reload, can’t be stuffed. The factory ammo is accurate enough for me. But good luck to you.

Eh, horses for course I guess. Some stuff I shoot is too obsolete or too rare. Other is too expensive :stuck_out_tongue:

I find reloading therapeutic sometimes or just gun stuff I can do when it’s raining.
Like JS I also shoot some things I couldn’t really afford to shoot if I had to track down factory ammo.

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