TIP: Tikka T3X screw torque

G’day gents

After a trip away I took my rifle out of the synthetic stock for purpose of cleaning.
Since this event I have not been able to achieve the same accuracy as I once had.
I believe it has something to do with the torque setting of action and forward screws.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to torque of the screws? I have of course scoured the net to no avail.

Can’t help with experience here. However, this might be useful: https://www.ballisticstudies.com/Resources/Discussion+Forums/x_forum/17/thread/15167.html

Have a look here https://tikkashooters.com/forums/discussion/tikka-torque-settings/

60in lbs and did you put the recoil lug back in properly?

Thanks for the replies gents, will check out the links tonight @juststarting, @Bent_arrow, And I will check the recoil lug again @JizzFlinger. I had pissed around a few times with it as it didn’t seem right. Will check again tonight.
Thanks fellas. :+1:t2::beer:

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