TIP: 20mm ammo crates and shotshell storage.

Conveniently, a 20mm linked ammo can from the disposal shop, the gun store or maybe a friendly contact inside is perfect for storing bulk 12 Gauge ammoof the 2 3/4" size.

Neatly stores 900 rounds, or 36 boxes.


How does it go weight wise, is it bloody heavy lol?

only when full :grin:


Yeah, yeah its about 25KG.

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That’s almost enough shells for me to come home with a couple of bunnys, lol.


I don’t think I’ve seen these large cans available here but might have to look out for them now :slight_smile:

That Army & Outdoors website has some. Dunno if it’s lockable though

I think I’ve seen them at George Taylors in Warrnambool.

George Taylor’s always have some random cool shit

Yes, but the Grassmere one is the best, most of the odd stuff has been sent there.

Is that the one with the bike collection? If so yeah there’s all sorts of crazy stuff in there.

That’s the one. When they closed Hamilton and Colac? They moved all the odds and ends there. I never get out under an hour.
If you are passing close it is well worth a visit.

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