This is what a piece of shit looks like

While the bodies are still warm…

@Gunmut you like that? This is what disjointed attitude gets you…

Military-style bolt-action and lever action shotguns have crept into the market of weapons available to category A and B licences, GCA says.

Could spell no more PRS or target shooting for you, fella. Remember, give an inch, lose a mile. It always has to be a united front or you’ll lose everything.


What a parasite!


Yep this is the reaction I was expecting from them.

won’t they be pissed that NZ has only announced some fairly subdued restriction. much more sensible than the BS they rammed through here after PAM.

Mate, everyone have opinions, about everything really. Say I would like us not to close coal power power plants, while someone will say build new ones and someone else will say let’s just have solar and batteries.

But saying I’d you do not agree with what I say, you are evil and the world will self destruct…is just baloney IMHO.

Similarly, and I believe semiauto are not banned in aus, some states allow under limited and definitive needs basis to acquire the firearms. Which is exactly what I was thinking when I mentioned my original comments.

And finally I want to win 40m on tattslotto and want my wife to have a twin and we all share a house/bedroom… doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good idea for most. (Please note this is a hypothetical example).

Anyway a chicken never changes its color. So when someone is that much emotionally invested in something they will say or do anything. Just have a chat with a vegan fanatic esp will eating a juicy burger


I am just messing with you. We are all entitled to an opinion. I’ll stop being a douchebag… Now.


My wife actually has a twin. But she is actually a he and well, yeah, no. LOL

The most ridiculous comment she’s made yet
“The difference between a military style semi automatic and other semi automatics is the military style has a much faster rate of fire” Abc news website

I’m still trying to work out what the difference is between a military style semi automatic and an assault rifle

Semantics. An assault rifle is supposed to be select fire. Common usage changes the definitions of words. After all every word we know was just made up by some bloke in the past.

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If assault rifle means select fire, then that implies that NZ citizens have had legal access to select fire rifles? I think it is just unnecessary use of emotive language/words to make sure they garner wide spread support of the new laws.

It becomes a dogs breakfast when people that dont really understand the fundamentals of guns. As we know there is nothing that really sets a rifle apart from one another other than single fire, semi auto, and select fire, or just plain Auto.
So what is an Assault rifle short barrel red dot scope semi auto? or is it by the name it is called AR15 mistakenly taking the AR as assault rifle.
I dont know how you could separate a hunting semi auto from a military style semi auto Assault Rifle.

Is it really, about not understanding? I suggest it’s about forcing an emotional response. Nothing to do with understanding.

I agree the statements are emotional and made to gather support for the action. But then when there is a conflict of words in the action what do the law makers do?

I agree like the “military grade bolt action and shotguns” these scum want to ban now!

In all reality all firearms are military style, war is what pushes almost all gun development for the last 1000 years, right back to the bamboo barreled matchlocks in prehistoric China.

Squeeze in a pay rise for themselves usually

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