This forum appears dead.

This forum appears dead. Compared to AHN (Australian Hunting Network) there is just nothing happening here.


I think that being new it will take sometime for people to find it. Once that happens then there should be more action.
It will just take awhile for the name to get out there.

This forum is new, we are still in the building phase and it will take time for us to build content. Good content along with the fact that we are using a new and better platform than older forums will allow us to build up a great forum.
There are established shooting forums out there now with lots of users but will they last when better platforms come along? You only need to look at myspace to see what happens to out dated systems.
Believe me this forum will take off but it’ll take time and effort on our part. There is nothing stopping you from using this site and spending time on AHN or any other site, the internet is a free place, we don’t claim any ownership of our users we just supply a resource.

AHN had 9184 members last count. They are constantly upgrading their software. I think no one will be leaving anytime soon.

How many of those users are active though? I can’t comment on AHN as I’ve never been on there, but if you look at Enough Gun they also have thousands of members but only a small fraction of them are active, many people including yourself have moved on for one reason or another.
No one is holding a gun to your head, if you don’t like here go back to AHN, come back when we’ve built up more. It’s a free world mate :+1:

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Actually I think I am one of those AHN members.
I might have registered years ago, I’m also a member on shotgun world cast boolits both of which are great sites!
Being on a forum doesn’t bind you to it, we’re not married now or anything anyone can go to any website they like.

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How many members are on this website? Why don’t you display the figures?

There are currently 64 users, it is not a secret mate, the info is there where anybody can access it.
It’s a brand new site, you can’t expect us to have thousands of non active users yet.

Never heard of AHN, you kinda seem a little…abrasive latelly on here @Bogong, it just takes time, i for one don’t mind it, i know a good percentage of the blokes in real life which helps with tone and those with a sick sense of humour, not a luxury i have with you @bogong so i apologize in advance if i’ve got the wrong idea


@Bogong the number of members is there for all to see, not hidden at all.

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@Bogong how about you pop some content up here. Maybe share some stuff, write a post? An article, you know… :smiley:

Yeh, tell us about some of the dogs or sambar you have shot. And how you went about it.

I am on a forum with nearly 3000 members and I have only been a member there for a couple of years, yet I have close to 1% of posts and Im not a big poster with a lot of “thats great type posts”. So it really comes down to active members. I dont think there is ever a clean out so if a person joined 10 years ago and got sick of the what scope on a 22 and is reloading worth it type of posts and left then the stats get skewed.

like any club there will always be a core of active members (that will change over time) that are willing to help out others. You get out what you put in rings true in so may things.


So what are we actually debating here? Anyone?

Whether we are dead or not :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I for one think we are alive and kicking.