Theraputic Cupping....

No, the ancient Chinese method of inducing blood flow. Dirty bastards.

I went and got a massage today , sore back etc. Halfway through they upsell. “Would you like cupping?” , Being the juvenile I am , I laugh and say “sure, why not”.

This is why not…

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Ouch, looks like you copped a hiding at paint ball, actually thats what I would be telling everyone, sounds tougher :smiley:

Is that the one where they put those little glass jars on?

Yep. Farked me up

Mum used to do it to me when I was little and had chest cold. Apparently there’s some benefit to it, need to read up on it.

So I guess you could say that it was a massage without the "happy ending "…

Someone had to say it :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:

My wife being Asian is into this kind of thing. Last week she asked me to coin her which is a very similar type of thing. First you apply a dencorub type oil then you work a coin back and forth over the skin in one line until it becomes red and bruised. There is of course a pattern that you have to follow.

You have no idea how much restraint I’ve just shown. LOL

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Remains to be seen how effective it will be. Big sceptic when it comes to alternative medicine. At the moment I definitely feel less tight than I was, but damn it aches. Giving me a headache too. One experience was enough, don’t think I would do it again.

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No happy ending, honestly feel like I have been in a fight…and lost.

My recommendation is stick with modern medicine and ignore the miss information in the web

It’s hard to know what’s modern or not. I mean, blood letting was modern when you were a kid, @Oldbloke

I think they just rolled over and died back then.

Ooooof :expressionless:

Leaches were modern in the 1700-1800s and was dismissed as nonsense. Now modern medicine is using them for local infection again.

So maybe I know something.

PS. I also do vasectomies cheap if the family is getting in the way of your reloading and shooting time. :grinning:

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Leeches, correct. Can’t be too quick to dismiss stuff.

Regarding vasectomies, funny guy. Seriously though, book me in.

Had the snip two weeks ago.
Whoever said you can go back to work the next day is lying. Unless your job is flopping on the couch with frozen peas on your balls.


@Supaduke you wouldnt have had that issue with me. Painless…I promise.
@juststarting byo Johny walker to plink fest. I’ll bring the tweezers, sewing kit, my moustache snippers, 3" skinner, leaches & torneque.
Oh, I take credit card or cash for discount.

Remember :vulcan_salute: Live long and prosper, if you limit the number of your offspring.

Dead right there. Clearly not someone that has actually had the displeasure. I wasn’t really keen on the four people starting at and manipulating my peas and carrot whilst I was supposed to just lay there and stare at the ceiling. Lucky for me the aneathetist was a tad heavy handed and I ended up out to it.

That’s a bit over equipped. One brick, broken into two roughly equal size parts that are brought together quickly should be sufficient.


@Bent_arrow. Sheesh, I can tell you haven’t got a first aid certificate.