The Ugly Annealer

Not that I needed one but I thought that it was time to take the leap lol.

How it came,

Once the box was opened,

Packed very well,

Out of the box,

What is in the packages,

Put together and ready for testing,

From the top,

I was going to test it out but some idiot (me) forgot to order some Tempilaq so i can get the timing right.
It comes with a small wheel for smaller cases as well as spare screws, clips etc and 5 caliber inserts.
It is very well made and put together very well.

Congratulations to Detective @juststarting for working out what it was :laughing: :laughing:

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If you’re in the market for one and for the price they are being sold right now, it’s pretty hard not to get one.

when i grow up i want to have a bench like @1Fatman holy heck :heart_eyes: even have cool annealing tools as well! Not as trick as your farmyard job though @sungazer

Don’t do it, never grow up…
Getting old is mandatory but growing up is optional :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

As JS said for the price it is hard to go past, plus I am too lazy and not clever enough to build my own lol. $350 delivered to my door was well worth it.
You just need to sort your license out first lol.

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Have you tried it out yet mate?

Not yet, I am waiting for the Tempilaq to roll up then I will be putting it through it’s paces

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OK my bottle of Tempilaq turned up so I finally got to play with it.
After finding the right setting proceeded to do a large number of 30-06 cases.

All ran perfectly and with out any dramas, very happy and think it is money well spent.

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Exactly how long is the case in the flame?
Seems to be about 6 seconds in that video.

Not sure as I didn’t time it but I guess that 6 seconds would be about right.

I set the speed using Tempilaq and took 6 or so goes to get it to where the Tempilaq went opaque as per instructions etc.

Yeah, I get it. I’ve got a very similar machine made by a bloke in Tasweigia about 10 years ago. Bit basic compared to yours, ( it’s box is made from MDF ), but almost identical in design. I’ve never used tempilaq but found 6 seconds to be about right when timing the machine. Unless I want to do a hundred or more cases, I just use an aluminium socket tool I won in the U.S in a cordless drill and count to 6.

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I did look at the one from Tassie and was actually going to get it but then I seen this one and it looked like it was a better buy being made out of alloy, and was cheaper too.

I read heaps on how others were doing theirs with alot going on colour change etc and alot recommended using a colour changing paint to get it right.

I recommend the Tempilaq, it is easy to use and one bottle should last a life time.

Trying to judge the correct level of “just starting to glow red etc” seemed fraught with issues.

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Wow. That really does seem like a hell of lot tool for $300.

The good thing is that you get a lifetime warranty with it, except for wear and tear, and a replacement motor is about $25.

The original one that I looked at from Tassie was about $400 and you had to buy different wheels for different calibres and was made from ply.
Their new one is made from alloy and is about $450. They are both covered by a limited warranty.

Where did you order yours from mate?
Also where did you get the tempilaq?

I want to order one next week.

Pretty sure I got my Tempilaq on Amazon.

OK, how the fuck do I know what temp I want?

There’s a hundred to choose from and at 60 sum’fin bucks a pop I don’t wanna order the wrong stuff.

I got mine through The Ugly Reloading Equipment Australia "Ugly Annealer" Brass Cartridge Case Annealer AUS Version

They also have the Tempilaq as well.
I did heaps of reading and the temp range that I found was between 650 and 750 degrees. I got the 750 as the other 2 were out of stock.

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Forgot to mention that if you want to anneal 22 hornet you have to buy an insert for it.

All other calibres are covered with the inserts that come with the machine.

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Better than tempilaq by far. Super fast response time. I use it to test my pizza stones and baking steels.

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