The SMS message we all like to see

Now to find the time to pick the bloody thing up.

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Ooooo very noice. Very, very noice. I feel like, like, um, like I need one more.

Hey, how does the PTA system work down there? It appears you are going into a gun shop and they are handling the paperwork for your permit?? In the NT we have to take a form and $70 to a police station and then wait for them to call us to pick it up or wait for the post.

Three ways.
The dealer linked electronic system.
( Usually next day, sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few days)
A dealer initiates a mail paper permit (takes about a week to arrive)
You initiate a paper permit by contacted LRD directly. (Also takes a week)

Here it’s just a matter of showing you licence to the dealer and paying 15 bucks, they have been slower (2-3 days) lately but a few years back they took between 15 mins and an hour to come back.

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