The Show and Tell us post

We thought that we would start a thread on Show and Tell.
It doesn’t have to be gun related can be whatever you like but show us some pictures and tell us the story behind it.

It could be your first car, first gun, something that you found or brought, you get the picture…

So I will start this off :upside_down_face:

I had been shooting for a couple of years when I was talking to this old bloke at the pub one night and he was telling me all about reloading. Now being fairly new to most things (18 years old) I was fascinated with the whole idea of making my own ammo. He then tells me that he has a reloading press and some bits and pieces for sale if I was interested, Yes I was.

I then became the proud owner of my first press, powder thrower and scales all for the princely sum of $50. Doesn’t sound much but this was 35 years ago. It was already well used as he had had it for many years before hand and it came with dies for 303, 22 hornet and 243. As I didn’t have any of those rifles I gave the dies away.

The Press as I got it:

It is a bit dirty as it hasn’t been used for a lot of years but it is still setup with the dies for my 6.5 x 55 and has loaded it’s fair share. I guess that I would have used it for about 5 or 6 years before I upgraded pretty much all of my reloading gear.

For some reason, sentimental I guess, I have kept all of it though I have not used any of it since up grading.


Some of know i’m a bit of a knife guy, always wanted a Fairbairn sykes dagger, one came up recently and just received it in the post, it’s a post war manufacture made by J nowill and sons in Sheffield England, nothing to fancy and designed for one thing. The wartime examples are fetching crazy money ( roughly $1000 aud ) depending on condition manufacturer etc just like rifles.

7 Likes Instructions for use written by Fairbairn.

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Ohhhh, very nice. Such a beautiful shape. Tad jealous


Oooh - what kind of fish do you keep?

That tank is 6ft, it has a male fighter fish, a school of bronze corys, gold mystery snails, rabbit snails and pond snails.
In the sump there is a female fighter and two convict cichlid fry.

My other 6ft tank has a pair of convicts, 4 bristlenose cats and a school of giant danios.
I have a couple of small fighter tanks inside too.
Outside I have a 5000lt water tank (holds about 4000 lts) with an about 45cm Murray cod, a smaller 20 odd cm cod, 6 tandanus cats all about a foot and some big goldfish. There is a school of rosy barbs in the top of the filter (an IBC) with a couple more goldy’s.
My other pond holds about 3000lts, has a pair of Murray river turtles, a redfin and another big goldfish.

I can snap some pond pics tomorrow if you wanna see em.


Nice one. I have one of those as well. Mines allegedly made for indonesian special forces. Not sure if thats true but either way its still cool.

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Do show… I used to play with tanks and fish a lot. The major in my degree is aquaculture.

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My turtle pond (turtles are bruminating atm). The wetland filter was completely overgrown with mint and nustertians but has just had a big clean out.


My cod and catfish pond.

The ibc filter (waterlillys look shit as it’s getting cold)

The prefilter / sump


Thats come such a long way! Good stuff @bentaz ca tell you’ve been at it, looks great

Thanks mate.
It’s one of those things that will never be finished, I love tinkering, experimenting and building new things. There is so much to learn n try.
Now that the stupid horse is gone I’ve been thinking a lot about aquaponics again too.

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I have a new project coming soon, gunna try my hand at building a cafe racer.


Well i gotta say i didn’t see that coming :joy: hospitals not around the corner down there mate haha

Mate those ponds look great and that is a heap of techo filtering infrastructure you have put together. All biological ponds to reduce waste nice.

As far as the bike goes very nice but watch your toes you only have 9 left. :grinning:

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PS @bentaz You need to come for a visit at my place I have a few ponds that could really do with some wildlife in them.

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Looks good mate. The shuttles are a good way to keep the costs realistic.

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I had thought about doing the same but starting with a W650 to have the “right” look for a trad Cafe Racer.
Now I’m thinking about selling most of my bikes and just getting a small Indian or Harley.

Mmmmm… a w650 or better yet W800 would be very nice, I’ve never had a bike licence so I have to do all the wanky courses n shit, this bikes only costing me 800 bucks and will do me while I do my time on L plates, then later I can get a real bike.
My dad told me to just buy a W800 and put some 450 stickers on it lol.