The reclassification of toys continues.

Just read this and thought that it might interest a few who may have them…

Nerf guns will now be registered as FIREARMS in one Australian state (

Got to admit that they are a serious danger to all of the kids who are using them, not to mention the ones who are being shot at. WTF is the country turning into???

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Makes complete sense, those little foam sausages are very very deadly!! Also i think if you look at the statistics of the firearms used in all US mass shootings and global terrorist attacks you’ll find they were all Nerf guns.
Thank god, now we’ll all finally be safe.

Can you imagine if they had to do a buy back of all the Nerf guns out there. The other side is the size of the Nerf gun sales every Christmas so many of the stores have full isles dedicated just to Nerf guns and there knock offs the revenue must be enormous.

Not to mention a lot of this.

Surely now Kmart, Target and the like will be charged for selling guns with out a dealers licence.

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I’ll have to get a photo of my youngest Nephews armoury. Belt fed full autos, select fire assault rifles (there are rifled nerfs) etc etc