The greens are evolving

Not really gun related, but this shit is crazy!

A Yarra City councillor has been accused of starting an altercation with another woman outside a gay club in South Yarra, before the councillor allegedly exclaimed “Allahu Akbar” and vowed to “make sure all these faggots die”.


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Hmmm dark skinned muslim woman v’s gay community, this will disappear very quickly because there’s no white hetro male to blame in this altercation.
On the bright side it’s great to see some true colours shining through from the high & mighty greens. They’ve just offended a fair percentage of their supporters along with the rest of the community.

And on the even brighter side she got her fucking ass kicked, perhaps Allahu is Akbah because he sorted this bitch out.

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from Reddit… “Trans rights, trans fights” bwahahaha

They have screwed the pooch, now just to top it off to really isolate and offend, they should keep her in the party :wink: That will be the best outcome for everyone.

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Seriously though, to have that much hatred to go out and assault someone when drunk, just mind boggling.

Yep there are some very unstable people out there with a lot of pent up hatred.
She’s a perfect example of how well they hide in society (until they pop lol). Before showing her true colours people would’ve been praising this lowlife c#nt for all sorts of reasons saying what an outstanding pillar of the community she is and how she should be looked up to and admired blah blah blah.


This is the terrifying bit.

Chasers nightclub? Still around? Wow. I dropped dozens of sets out the front in my turbo’d 383 Berlina. I had a pulsar ET that made a whopping 188fwkw, I showed up for the FWD fans. I had a dark blue VS Calais with a 355 c.o.m.e stroker. That laid awesome skids. I got pulled over regularly in that, said it was my Mums car, told the cops it was a regular ‘Ecopek’ or something. Those were some awesome nights. Smoke would fill up the street and the high rise flats at the back would get fogged out. Pretty sure I have some photos here. You know, when cameras had film.

Good ol’ days. Lambs on chapel souvas…[salivation noises]


Some choice quotes of Ms.Mohamud, from last November:
“Coming to Australia and the Western world, people of colour and minorities have a lot of struggles, you know what I mean? So that’s another reason why I joined the council, to kind of break that stigma that people have about us."
(Not doing a great job, love)
“I want to help the people that are feeling worthless or feel like their voices don’t matter.”
(Like trans people complain about, perhaps?)

Gotta love it when the super-woke turn on each other. Who has the most oppression points in this one?


A gift that keeps on giving…

And kudos to The Age for subtle eheemmm…

Cr Mohamud, who has a “strong connection to Greens values” according to her profile on the Australian Greens website, is also facing several counts of theft and criminal damage.


She wouldn’t be the first nor the last from the Greens.

Ben Opie at Moonee Valley Council was the first ever Greens Mayor in Victoria and or Australia IIRC?..Imploded spectacularly when he went down over stalking/domestic violence incidents!

Those who live in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones lol!