The goat thread

I love hunting goats. There is something I find really special about hunting them, especially those trips when they are hard to find, so show us your goats… I’ll start with one I took yesterday in the Flinders Ranges…



And one from the last trip to this property

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I havent been for years but its back on the agenda now im semi retired.

I thought Flinders Ranges were NP?

Tell us the story. Range, cartridge etc

Parts of the Flinders Ranges are NP. There is enormous areas of private property. Every one is busy rounding them up and cashing in, which (1) makes it harder to get access, and (2) harder to find the goats than it used to be, but they still hold their own where it’s not possible to round them up with dogs. They seem to wise up to tank traps too, and must move to waterholes where they aren’t being pressured.

These guys shot with my trusty quarter bore (25-06) which is my go to rifle for hunting. Only using federal blue box 117gn soft points, emphatic, quick kills. The vast majority of shots are taken under 100m. I have done a bit of bow hunting and really enjoy getting in close so don’t try to take long shots very often. On this last trip I was within 50m of one mob for 15 minutes. They had no idea I was there until I took out a young one for the freezer. Shot in the back of the skull, where it lay. One fraction of a second dozing in the sun, next fraction of a second its lights out…

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These taken on a much earlier trip with a borrowed Marlin dirty dirty. Crappy trigger, terrible scope. Was happy to give it back quite honestly.

Seems to have done the job though mate.




Love the black powder photo Pete, I must add one to the safe sooner or later

Nice work that has to be a pretty satisfying hunt. Some real skill it using the bow. Up close and personal.

Not a compound either.

Nope,it’s a Papua New guinea black palm longbow,with arrows hand made from tomato stakes,Turkey feather fletching held on with wines,and a teaspoon trade point

The other one with good horns was shot with my “high tech” gear lol