The Fearsome Perentie

I’ve just been reading on the web about this fearsome lizard. Fourth largest in the world, faster than any human (40 klm/hr) and with a venomous bite.
Then I read that its native to Australia… ?
Now I’ve been all over Mainland Australia and most of Tasmania and I’ve never heard of this fearsome creature so I was wondering if it was in some remote area - Central west NT, far north WA ( that Ive only briefly visited) or perhaps one of the outlying Territory’s like Cook Island that I have not been to.

Then I get to the end of the article, other Names.

The fearsome thing I was reading about was also known as a Goanna - otherwise Known by locals as Food.

Got to love the description lol.

I think monitor lizards are awesome. They’re the only reptiles that will cut a corner while chasing prey instead of following the tracks their prey took, and like you mentioned, most, if not all, have primitive venom glands for biting prey. It used to be thought that there was bacteria in their mouths from rotting meat that would cause an infection to kill prey they couldn’t catch immediately, but not too long ago they found the venom glands. That’s what allows komodo dragons to take down buffalo. They give a quick bite on the leg and get out of the road, then follow the victim until it drops.

Sorry, that went longer than I thought it would, but I enjoy sharing information


Never apologise for the knowledge mate :+1:

Actually, there was a story I heard a few years ago about a man who went to a small island to find komodo dragons. Maybe for research, maybe fun, I’m not sure, but he went looking for ages, around the entire island not being able to find any. He eventually found himself at his own
footprints from when he first arrived, as well as komodo dragon tracks following them


Same same but different :thinking:

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What a beauty.