The Dog in the pig trap!

Hey guys thought if share this lil beast we caught in the pig trap a few weeks ago on a friends vineyard. We had to remove him from the property to dispatch him as the fat cat board members were down for a visit! weve noticed over the past few months this dog must gotten over at least one local bitch because there’s been some solid af white and tan pups been getting around on the trail was a real struggle logistically to to remove him from one cage to another, a job I wouldn’t do again (fucker tried mauling me lol)


Cute looking dog though.

The funny thing is he wasn’t a bad looking dog, possibly a hunting dog from the state forest next door. I wish I’d taken pics of the other side of him as he only had one eye and half an ear looked like he’d been scrapping with other dogs.

These are the type of dog that breed size into wild dogs . as cute and as good looking he is he would have become a sire to large wild dogs so mate you probably saved a few animals and stock by taking him out of the arena.


Cheers mate, we already watch him take goats. One arvo but never had the opportunity to shoot him the first. I’m very happy he’s not a problem anymore