The day has finally arrived.

So now that the WA police have decided that us firearm owners are not going to go on a rampage and commit mass genocide they have approved my additions, only took them 4 months.

As they come;

Number one;

Number two;

The accessories;
Number one

Number two


The specifications;
Number one,
Adler 12 gauge straight pull BT230 Tactical with 2 x 5 shot removable mags and fitted with a red/green dot sight.

Number two,
CZ model 455 Tactical fitted in a MDT LSS 22 chassis with a carbon fiber barrel and a muzzle break ( to help with the savage recoil :crazy_face: :upside_down_face:) A DIP Inc Picatinny rail, Vortex tactile rings and a Vortex Diamondback 6-24x50 FFP Tactical scope.
Yes the scope is way overkill for a 22 but I intend to try to accurately stretch it out to 300m.

The next step is out to sight in and play… :pray: :pray: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:


Finally! Damn that’s a sexy 22!

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Funny enough I was looking at the chassis CZ tonight and thinking what a sexy beast it is. Defiantly looking forward to hearing how it shoots. I’ve been waiting months for the B230T Adler as well to come back into stock so I’d like to know what you think of it once you get a chance to shoot it.

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Well I got to take the Adler out for a play while I was at the farm.
Found it to be very well balanced and comfortable to shoot, it is also very easy to strip and clean.
The only problems that I had/found were I pinched my finger a few times racking the bolt back for a fast second shot and the mag was a bit “stiff” to load but I think that will loosen up a bit with more use.

First night with just a quick trip around 1 paddock, 12 test subjects;

Second night in a different paddock, 16 test subjects,

In general very happy with the Adler and it worked faultlessly with no problems other than listed above.


Nice haul of bunnys mate, did you dress em for the pan or just dog food?
I almost can’t believe how well the Adler works for the price, definitely a step up from the lever.

Unfortunately all were no good for either the table or dog food as most of the farmers bait with poison seed so you can’t tell if they are good or not.

I will be loading some slugs over the weekend to take out on Monday to try so that should sort it out lol.

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Can’t wait to hear how they go mate

Like the look of the CZ. Be interested to see how it goes

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Can’t wait to see the photos of that…Bunny meets slug :rofl:


Well I finally got time to sight the .22 in but it didn’t quite go as planned.
We did it at the range after the normal Sunday shoot. And I just used an old 25yrd pistol target.
I planned to get it zeroed at 100m but only got to 75m as we had to leave for home earlier than planned.

The rifle felt really nice and shoulders comfortably. The only gripe was the trigger is a little stiff for my liking but that is easily fixed. The bolt was pretty slick and worked well and the chassis is fantastic, just like all of the MDT ones the finish is perfect.

So how did it shoot/group?
To sum it up, I am very happy considering I had an audience who all wanted to have a shot so was a bit rushed. Hopefully next weekend I can dedicate a full day to playing with it and to tune it in nicely at 100m.
I have brought one of the starter packs from Claremont Firearms to try as it has a mix of different brands plus I brought some packets of different brands as well so I can see what it likes best.
I used standard velocity CCI stuff to sight it in.

Five shot group, with a .22 shell for reference.

Ten shot group. Threw one to the left.


Did you try out some slugs?

Not yet, didn’t even get to load some as everything turned into brown runny stuff.
Will definitely get them done this coming weekend.