The cartridge you are MOST interested in? Why?

I’ve seen the least interested in but I haven’t seen the most interested in cartridge post.
While I’m here I’ll go first.
Why? Because Australia is mainly flat and therefore these cartridges have a relatively flat trajectory giving a range of projectile weight options.

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12ga for me, why? Because 12ga that’s why!


I actually misread the title of the “most UNinterested” thread and posted my most interested cartridges so my answers are going to be the same as in there lol
300 winmag
223 Rem
357 mag
45 acp

I am fairly into my 6.5 Brittany for a number of reasons, however mainly because it is my thermal night rig.
Also keen on my 300AAC. I know there are a lot of haters out there for these two cartridges however they are both very accurate out of my rifles and do the job I bought them for perfectly.

Just about anything 7mm. It seems to do many things across the velocity spectrum efficiently and extremely accurately. I put this down to its high sectional density.
Source: My ass.

Well I have been looking into both the 7mm Rem Mag and 300 Win Mag with the intention of building a long range rig so I guess they would have to be up there with my favourite the 30-06.

I find the 06 very versatile and effective for all of the game that we have in our great land.

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Even rabbits

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It’s hard for me to pick just one, so I’m going to say.303 British, .375 H&H Magnum and 6.5x55 Swedish for rifles, and .357 Magnum for handguns (and also rifles).

I like the history of .303 and .375, and find .303 really pleasant to shoot. 6.5x55 Swedish is just an amazing all-rounder that does everything, and .357 Magnum is really versatile as well as cheap and easy to load for; I can use it for a heap of stuff including service matches, metallic silhouette, and (in a lever-action rifle) small game hunting.

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I like a lot…its a tough question…I have a 22 Hornet itch…but .357 magnum in a cadet action is on the horizon…anything you can cast for…

Shot much game with the .357 magnum? Turn any rabbits inside out?

Especially rabbits.

I’ve turned a few bunnys inside out with the .357


Not sure about most interested in, I kind of like them all, I enjoy straight wall cartridges and 30 cal and 6 and 8 :smiley: But ‘interested’ in terms of calibres I don’t own, would probably be something in 300WM or some sort of 7mm magnum (there are many more).

Yep and even the odd cane toad or 2 :smile:


A 37mm cannon. Ever since I touched one off I’m obsessed.
Every time I see a mini cannon for sale I run the numbers.

Edit: people may ask why the hell would you want a cannon?

Easy answer : Because it’s a bloody cannon!


Those people will have their accounts silenced! Questions like that are not tolerated here!


Why wouldn’t you want a cannon?


They can be awkward in the field, not suitable for ducks, hard to target moving game…
Expensive to run, hard to store…

I still want one though.

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You make them sound like a woman!


Well they do have wheels sometimes.

  • For the young among us - this is a reference to the misogynistc “joke” That if it has “Wheels or Tits its going to cause problems”.