Terminal Ballistics

I think the Hunting section seems the most appropriate place for this thread.

I’ve been interested in this subject for a while now, it seems I’m not the only one with a bored 7yo inside, there’s a multitude of interesting articles and videos on Ewe Chewb and some lucky buggers get paid for doing it.

If you have any links or results from personal experiments, here’s the place to share them.

My most recent testing has been with .22 subsonic ammo to find the limits of their efficacy for murdering rabbits, ie expansion vs range.

For ease(laziness), I only tested the Sellier and Bellot because after the Lapua it was the next most accurate and the one with which I’ll be hunting.

For targets I used some plastic containers and compacted them tight with sandy topsoil and, with the lids replaced, put one each at 50, 75 and 100 metres.

Below is at 50m resulting in a nice mushroom.

75m, still acceptable 'shroom.

100m, not so much.

On the strength of that, I’d be happy to give Mista Rabbit the good news from 75.


Old but interesting


I found the cheap porno movie soundtrack to be strangely fitting.

1 million fps Slow Motion video of bullet impacts made by Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit

Exotic Shotgun Ammo (Gimmick Or Legitimate ???)

I keep telling the executive of a certain association to send that to the bloke from registry that keeps shutting our silhouette ranges down because he believes that a bullet can impact steel targets, fly off on a 90 degree angle and travel twice as far as it would if fired straight in that direction… :roll_eyes:


Typical, it makes you wonder how efficiently registries could be run by people who own, use and actually know guns, eh.

Kudos on your knife work, seeing how well others can do spurs me to lift my game.

Are you serious?

Quite. The latest is that he wants all of our targets to be shrouded to stop these physics defying bullets. Of coarse the shrouds have to be bullet proof and then we have to shroud the shrouds to prevent them from being hit and the danger of more physics defying ricochets. Honestly, I am not making this shit up.
The next problem is that the shrouds then put our targets in the shadows making them harder to see and bloody difficult to set up. Ah bureaucrats, what would we do without the arseholes…


More impact/penetration tests of mine.

.223 Hornady 35gn, 30mm of aluminium at 100m

.223 Nosler 50gn, 30mm of aluminium at 100m

.223 Nosler 70gn RDF at my track plate bullet stopper at 100m. The dome to the left was an SS109 62gn steel core “penetrator”

Another penetrator fired at 30mm of aluminium at 100m, no idea where the rest went but only the core survived

We use bisalloy for our targets and there is a minimum calibre of 6mm (.243") and no FMJ or penetrators for that exact reason. There isn’t much left of a projectile that hits a target, some lead dust and the copper jacket in the form of a flat disc that is found on the ground at the foot of the target. Nearest targets are the 200m chickens.

This guy…

Mad Fecker

Ahh, Merica


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“It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye”.

From the account, not his fault, but I have been wondering if he’d find the limits of the envelope eventually.

My .50 cal exploded

The above explained

I blew up my .50 again

I blew up my Barret for science

I think this is more about pressures, @Gaznazdiak, rather than terminal ballistic.

Yes, I have strayed from the topic but when the guy doing the ballistic “tests” nearly blew his face off I thought it worth inclusion as a cautionary example of the pitfalls of getting silly when setting off explosives inches from your head.

No more silliness, only ballistics :innocent:

Man, it was all over the internets. It was a huuuuge deal. Did you just find it? And do you accept refugees on your remote armed island :slight_smile:


I’m a hermit, a borderline misanthrope and a social media dinosaur.

As to refugees on my deserted island: