Tax Time = gun money!

So fella’s its that time of the year again.36543506_469336976853556_5891540380909830144_n
Who’s got some gun money plans?

I really need some deductions for the first time in my life i am really struggling.

Shit yeah i forgot about tax time! Thinking i’ll need another red dot and some reloading gear, and a .303 restoration… i need lots of things

Oh my, oh my…

Savage A22R
Any 12ga SxS 20" coach
Alfa carbine in 357 or Circuit judge 44 or both :smiley:
Alfa carbine in 9mm
Some sort of 7mm magnum in metal hipster tactical chassis
German 98k
‘Classic’ 303
K31 tactical chassis (yes, you have read that right and I will do it!)
(a few moulds and projectiles I’ve been putting off)
Something in 50bmg bolt action
Ruger 450 Bushmaster
Ruger MkIV
CZ Shadow 2
Nagant revolver
Some sort of old school single action 45LC revolver (wife and I just finished watching Godless and she said she needs one, so that’s awesome rofl)

Oh, my list far exceeds my finances lol

I wanted to sell my 22" barrel 223 and buy an 18" compact version, but after blasting 223 from 16.5" barrel and nearly going blind from damn fireballs it was throwing, I decided to keep my 223.

I need to stock up on powder n other reloading components this year.
Plus pay my dad for a couple of his guns (50cal smoothbore, Remington rolling block) that I’m adopting.
Also a guy at work has a 303-25 no4 that he only wants $140 for, just needs a new recoil pad.
And maybe a C-more straight pull and a couple of siaga mags would be nice too

I was looking at a stirling pump 30/30 and then the auto in my rtv decided to shit itself.!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Speaking of 30-30. I don’t need one and I don’t have a use for one and it’s not really something I’d plink with. But! I just get this feeling like I should own an old school Winchester in that caliber. Don’t know why, just something about it. Bit of Americana.

A 94 30/30 just brings out the 10 year old cowboy in all of us!!!:grinning:

Just go and get one, you know you have to.
Model '94 Winchester in .30-30 is a great “scrub” gun, the round is inherently accurate and despite all the naysayers bullshit about it only being good out to 100 yards, it is actually still very effective at 200. There are more deer shot with a .30-30 in the U.S each year than any other cartridge.:grin:

Yeah, but they still measure everything in inches and Fahrenheit as well! :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::nerd_face:

Yeah, I know. There are folks over there that still don’t understand that.
I was never a fan of the round, ( too common for me:grin:) until I set one up for my wife and son to shoot lever-action silly-wet with. I now own 3 of the bloody things. It is a very capable round.
Putting one in your safe would be tax-money well spent.

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Two years of throwing everything i make back into building my business leaves me with none of this surprise money at the end of the year. Maybe i should start paying tax as i go, just so i can join in the fun of having that yearly ‘bonus cash’!

Hopefully next year i will be able to afford my:
New safe
GRS stock for the 7mm08 heavy varmint/target
Left handed 7mm08 hunter
Nice old SxS 410
Decent 12g, maybe a straight pull
Hard cases

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My gun money err i mean tax money is going towards my holiday to hawaii in September which includes a trip to the gun range there!

Not expecting any tax return, will probably have to pay more again this year. Still got a wish list of stuff I’ll buy myself though :).

Looking at getting a 20 prac barrel for my tikka and wouldn’t mind something in 6.5mm so might get a 260 rem or 6.5 creedmoor for my Remington. Really like my 6.5x55 Swede m38 but my eyes aren’t that great with open sights and I don’t want to drill the old rifle for a scope.