Tax (new gun) time.

So it’s that time of the year when we receive , hopefully, a reasonable gift from the gubmint.
What are people eyeballing.
I’m going to the Altona gun show tomorrow. See if anything catches my eye at a reasonable price. Failing that , a .357 mag lever gun. Still tossing up between a Winnie 92 and a 73.
The Rossi stainless is cool. Don’t have a stainless gun.
The Chiappa case hardened clones are also very tempting.
Winchester seems to be doing EOFYS deals on 92’s. Will see what happens. Definitely something new coming to the safe in the next few weeks.
Also getting tempted by a chassis of some sort with an AR grip for a Howa.

Dude, get a Winchester, you know you’ll regret it if you get something else, because you know…

Chassis for my 223 would be nice, a circuit judge would be nice. A scope would be nice. Henry Longranger world be nice. The list goes on.

My “gift” from the ATO is a demand for $25K or else. Gun show in a few hours, choices are send money to vampiric tax bastards or go to show and buy another old rifle/pistol. Easy choice to make, Altona here we come. Cheers


I’m really hoping for a bericka black ops, but I’ll have to pull my finger out and bolt down another safe first.