Tale of an essential worker.

So, being part of the supermarket supply chain, I’ve been deemed an essential worker.

I am back behind the wheel these days. Office work is soul stealing and stressful in frontline logistics.Anyhoo.
I am out and about in the truck. I go to various places and have noticed some well-intentioned but odd changes.

Offices are shut up, paper work is passed through gaps in the window.

Lunch rooms are having most or all tables removed, strict limits on number of people per room. Even so far as squares being taped out on the ground that they expect you to stay in.

Security are scanning my temperature on entry to various places.

Sanitizer is fking everywhere.

People are wearing masks and gloves everywhere.

Im having to answer questionaires on my recent travels , feeling ill or any apparent symptoms.

Portable dunnys placed all over the place and any on site facilities, locked out.

A noticeable tension in workplaces.

A noticeable sense of concern, denial and increasing frustration among the population.

Anyway, today I got a letter from work. It basically says who I am, who I work for and gives me ‘permission’ to be out on the road.
I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Add all this to the shit storm people are subjected to from the media.
Journalist integrity eroded to the point that we don’t even know what’s real anymore.
A government that has escalated it’s heavy handed tactics at an extremely alarming rate.
I feel like im in a B grade movie.
I am troubled by the economic mess this has created.
I am troubled that all the money the government is throwing around is only delaying something terrible.
Gunshops effectively cut off.

Anyway, I have my papers to get me through the roadblocks, So I guess I’m set for now.
Virus or no Virus, the world will not be the same after this. A large percentage of the population will take months , even years to recover from the fear the media has created.
I just needed to write that down.


This joke (or is it a joke?) has not escaped me! Very much the feeling.


I remember reading a book about a time and place where you had to have “papers” to get around, I am sure it was in Germany during WW2…

The same is happening over here. Even being a FIFO worker and flying from 1 airport to the next we have t have our paperwork in order.


I got my work papers allowing me through borders last week. Very east German.

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I was going to say Poland, 1943.

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I did 500 klms around south east Victoria today, made sure I had my paperwork to show the stazi if I got stopped. Had to fill out multiple Covid19 questionnaires to get access to sites.
It is a very strange feeling having to have paperwork to prove you are working, driving from one site to another where I’ve been going for over 25 years and everyone knows me. I mean these are secure sites where I don’t even need to show ID normally, greeted by name and invited in (being part of the furniture).
One thing I did notice today was three instances of both police and ambulances being at stopped cars- not accidents- cars pulled over.

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I’m not trying to be an alarmist either. I mean this is just a description of my day. I hope in a few months we can all just laugh about this. I’m obviously not the only one that finds current events strange and concerning. Especially in regards to the end game. Have we painted ourselves into a corner with this quarantine. What happens if there is another outbreak after they end this one, do we scurry back home? Have we created a new endless cycle of pandemic fear and quarantine.

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I too am classed as as essential worker. I am working interstate on extended swings and whilst it’s not ideal being away for extended periods, I can’t help but consider myself one of the lucky ones who still has employment. To state the obvious, this whole debacle is a great big pain in the proverbial.

Holy snappin duck poo. Once again I must give thanks to the Almighty Warlord in the sky for keeping me here all this time. For the last decade Ive been trying to escape Darwin and yet today Im so glad to be here.

Our delivery drivers are a mixed bunch. The big national suppliers arent checking off any stock or signing any papers. The smaller ones are business as usual. One account I normally pay cash for wouldnt accept it, or a cheque (Schweppes, now owned by Asahi)! Oh well, too bad. I dont want another account to look after.

Supply of stuff is slow being thay we arent in the same distribution channels as say Coles and Woolies; our grocery lines come via Metcash, who fill the IGA shelves. We are getting just one outer of toilet paper even though we order pallets.
Beer wine and spirits is 100% all good at the moment, but BWS up here has just gone to a 2 Carton/ 2 Bottles of spirits rule.
1kg and 2kg bags of flour and sugar are unobtanium. So we are getting 20kg bags and selling them whole as well as prepacking into vac bags for sale. Same is happening with rice and even red lentils.
I really feel for you guys down there. Parents and siblings are all in Victoria as well, all lucky and grateful to still be employed.
We should all be out hunting and enjoying the Easter weekend doing what we love…but alas we arent. Good luck men, Happy Easter.


Merry Christmas jizz I’m meant say Easter but what the f$&k crazy times calls for crazy measures🤟

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I am working out of Darwin now. Great place me thinks. Considering moving here.

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