Taipans on special and I bought one.

Magnum currently running a deal.

For that price , I’m taking a punt, despite a bit of negative publicity. Most people seem happy with them.


So I bought one. It’s pretty cool, yet to shoot it. Pump feels smooth. Ergos are nice. Build quality seems pretty good, not as refined as your typical manufacturers but still nice. Cerakote is meh.

I’ve ordered a folding AR style stock adapter and a 10 shot “long mag”. I will probably run higher rings on the LPVO which is a Vector optics 1x6. Very good for the money $240

I’ll do a bit more of a review when I shoot it.


Kicking myself for missing this. Looks sweet. Keen to hear the update after you shoot it a bit.

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Yeah Im looking forward to the feedback.

As soon as one is available in .300 BodyOdour Im in.


Added a few tacticool bits and pieces.

  • Magpul stock
  • Midwest industries folding stock adapter
  • 10 limited / large PMag
  • Vector red dot, still tossing up if I want this or an LPVO.
  • A BS blast deflector thing I had hanging around , so I threw that on.
  • Olight weapon light for LARPING and shits n Gigs.

Did break the bolt release but it was promptly replaced with a seemingly upgraded part.

Still yet to shoot it, been busy with pistol and .22 shooting, need to sort a day at Little River


One thing I find interesting about the engineering of this, is that it has an 8 twist barrel to shoot heavies, saami spec chamber (far as I can tell) but the mag length seats a larger projectile sooooo deep it’s relatively impossible to load heavies at higher loads. I’ve seen some photo’s of them seated to fit the mag and some are so deep the ogive transition is below the case neck. Why not just use a longer mag?

Where did you get the “long mag”? Got a link, the stock magazine is so short far as I have seen.

Cleavers Firearms sell a variety of pinned mags.

Thanks :smiley: