Swan .357 cadet barrel

I think I will sell my brand new Swan .357 chambered blank for martini cadet action, if anyone is building one? I just cant see myself getting to it…
I want $350 for it, might have brass and 5/8 simplex dies too, if I can find them…at extra cost, or deal.

Wanna trade it for that couple of .222 savage 340s if been saving for you?

Deal!! You can have the 5/8 Simplex dies and 100 new starline cases too! All brand new…unused

No worries mate, have a chat on the weekend and come up with a time to do the transfers n stuff.

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Too right! I will bring barrel n gear for you. It really is a nice barrel, the internal finish is unreal. You will have to keep me posted on how it shoots, when you get it done

Yeah mate, I’ll have to hunt down an action now. Lol.

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I will put in for a hard copy permit to be sent to me with Gayfish tomorrow mate…its 222rem 5 shot bolt yes??

Correct mate