Suppressors are being debated tomorrow in VIC parliament

…as the title suggests… Don’t have much else to say, other than I’m ready for another disappointment.

Unfortunately both sides of govt. oppose it so it won’t get up(probably) but at least ya’s are having a go down there!!!:+1:

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Having a go is bullshit. If all shooting organisations got together and actually worked together, but, alas, the elephant in the room is only self serving.

As expected…

Jeffrey Bourman
The real colours of The Nationals

My suppressor bill was defeated in the Legislative Council today when the government, the Greens and the Liberals and The Nationals voted AGAINST it. We had welcome support from other cross benchers; Dr Carling-Jenkins of the Australian Conservatives and James Purcell of Voye 1 Local Jobs.

My bill was deliberately crafted to be over the top in regulation to show that there is a way forward for the parties that are nervous about accepting the fact and logic by treating what is an inert object as a firearm.

Even this wasn’t enough for The Nationals who purport to be the friend of the law-abiding shooters of Victoria. This is not the first time The Nationals have voted against what can only be described as a positive move for shooters, being when they voted against my motion in 2015 to investigate the effectiveness of the firearm laws of this state.

There are those that want to believe that other parties will work to the shooters benefit but this result reveals the truth, again.

This result clearly shows that only the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party of Victoria will stand up for shooters.

There is an election on 24 November this year, think hard about your vote and if you want someone to support shooters, fishers and farmers in Victorian Parliament, vote for the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party and return Daniel and myself and work on getting more people to help us, such as Ricky Muir.

If you vote for shooters’ rights, here’s a guide.

Yeah the nationals are nothing but liberal lap dogs, the may have been a political party once soon a time, but that time has past.

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