Suppressor Eligibility Expanded In South Australia Thanks To Shooters Union

As a direct result of lobbying and representations by Shooters Union South Australia, suppressors are now available for contract shooters in South Australia, even if they are not shooting on Crown Land!

Shooters Union South Australia has been lobbying SAPOL on the issue and successfully made the case that suppressors were a necessity for contract shooters.

SAPOL agreed and have said applications for suppressors will be considered on a case-by-case basis but we can confirm permits are being (and have been) issued for contract shooters who are shooting on private property.

This is fantastic work by Shooters Union South Australia and we will continue to lobby for suppressors to be made available to ALL licensed shooters across Australia.

In the meantime this common sense change by South Australia is an important step in ensuring professional shooters have the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.


Good work guys, the first step in getting them approved for all shooters.



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That is such a massive deal. I mean that’s huge, even for corporate licence holders, that’s a massive inroad.

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It really is. The discussions with SAPOL have been really productive so it’s great to be able to share the news :slight_smile:

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Great work SU!!

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