Sulun Tac12 owners...

If you are thinking about blinging up your Turknelli, there some good news.

TL;DR: you can skip the ITAR bullshit for many of GG&G’s sought after M4 and other accessories. But not all.

Sooooooooo many goodies.


Well I have a down payment on a pre-order, that’s as far as I got. Good news about ITAR

The real take away from this thread is this sick custom sxs!

Dude, that’s the sexiest gun I’ve seen in ages!

But what thread for the chokes?

Is that expanda foam?

Looks like tactical hemp to me.

I’m keen to try a few Tactical goodies for the Sulun. Time will tell if Benelli M4 parts actually fit properly though.


I’ve already got four.

So mine finally arrived.

It feels big and beefy. The adjustable stock is a really nice feature. Action cycles smoothly, spring is tight but not ridiculous. Spring assisted bolt. Can be cycled very nicely with your lead or trigger hand , will be friendly to lefties.

Steel sights, alloy pic rail, all polymer furniture including trigger guard. Reciever is alloy. The trigger assembly is all steel as are all buttons, pins, levers etc.
Nice big bolt handle , provides good grip and easy to find when running the action.
Tube mag fed snap caps nicely, also cycled very nicely.
Similar in size and weight to this 20inch U/O.
Complaints, finish on the steel barrel is that turkish powder coat they use on shotguns. Part of the disassembly process involves sliding the barrel over the mag tube. Despite being careful and gentle, it’s already marked and seemingly not super durable. We will see with use.
Overall, very cool. Will let you know how it shoots shortly.


Beretta/Mobil chokes.

Aside from sharing the same cons about finishes, I can share that it feeds and ejects everything I’ve fed it over the last few weekends. Ive a bag of odds and sods and leftovers tjayhas everything from plastic hull 7.5s through to paper #4 buck and slugs.

Everything fired and ejected, and its soooo comfortable.