Sulun Tac-12 review

I felt pretty good. Bit of a bummer Sunday got blown out, still , had an excellent weekend. I ended up shooting less than 10 centrefire. Other people shot my centrefire rifles more than I did. I was having too much fun with .22lr and shotty.

Speaking of shotty, the Sulun tac-12 did very well. At least with brass based ammo. It did not like the steel based plinking bird ammo at all. Fed and fired just fine, but required about 5 goes on the bolt to extract. Might be because it’s still a bit new, not a big deal to only run brass based stuff. Cycles really nicely, surprisingly smooth and soft to shoot. Might be because it’s a fair bit heavier than most of the other Turkish offerings.

Of all the straight pull shotguns I’ve fired I reckon it’s the best, most solid / quality of them all.
Not that the others are junk, just not as good.


I dunno I liked Robbies left n right pow pow the best!! Anything with a hammer is cool!