SU helps get QLD member's licence refusal reversed

YOUR generous donations to the Shooters Union Legal Defence Fund are already making a difference, as we can announce a positive outcome for a matter involving a fellow member.

A North Queensland member recently had their licence refused based on a historical offence, under Weapons Licensing’s recently changed issuing guidelines.

They approached us for help and the solicitor we engaged lodged a QCAT appeal pending discussions with WLB on the matter.

We can now share that as a result of those productive discussions, the licence refusal has been reversed by WLB, the member has been issued their licence, and the QCAT appeal no longer needs to proceed.

This is exactly the outcome we like to see – it is just one of the dozens of cases we are currently supporting in the wake of the changes to WLB licence issuing guidelines, and results like this would not be possible without your support and generosity.

Donations to our Legal Defence Fund help us help #allshooters, and will only be used to fight for shooter’s rights and a fair go – never for day-to-day expenses.

More details on the Legal Defence Fund can be found here – and every donation, no matter how small or large, is greatly appreciated.

Donations can be made via this link:

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Great to see the SU supporting their members with legal action. Well done!


Thanks! We’ve got a few more cases in the pipeline so will have more to share soon too; hopefully positive news for shooters!


Good work guys, keep it up :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Great to see real action. Catch up, SSAA. Brown-nosing makes you nothing more than a Dirty Sanchez victim.

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Just to add: How great is it that we see regular appearances from @NationalShootingCouncil and @ShootersUnion here on this tiny little forum? I don’t see the SSAA appearing on any of the Aussie forums (not that I post elsewhere, Im not that kinda gal :face_with_hand_over_mouth: teehee!)


Well, you see, you post something on a forum when you want or expect user interaction. Or at a minimum not afraid of what responses might be. SSAA knows that too. :wink:


SSAA Queensland shut down their Facebook page in May last year. They let their media guy go (which is partly why they’re never in the media anymore) and appear to have basically decided they didn’t want to deal with people having opinions they didn’t like - not that the page was really being updated much in the period before then anyway.

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Nice one @ShootersUnion, keep the good work. How can people not feel good about donating when it goes to such a good cause and also kicks WLB in the balls at the same time.
It’s a win win i tells ya!! :wink: