Stuck case removal

had my first stuck case the other day while resizing some 30-06 into 8x57mm.
I know where I went wrong, I forgot to lube inside the neck.
I haven’t had this problem before, so can anyone give me some pointers on getting the bloody thing out please?
What tools am I gunna need?
(I don’t have my tap and die set up with me, si I might have to get another one)
All advice greatly appreciated!

Maybe a stupid idea - but what if you stuck it in the freezer for a bit to completely chill it?

Brass has a higher thermal expansion coefficient than plain steel(assuming that’s what your die is). It should shrink more than the steel, and hopefully enough that you can pull it out.


Can you unscrew the mandrel and punch it out from neck end?

No mate the mandrel/ decapping pin is stuck in the case.
Maybe I can tap it out with the pin?

I was thinking it was gunna stay stuck until I get my tap and die set from down south.

I would be tapping that mandel out if possible than punch the case out from that end.

Dunno. Haven’t had it happen so just throwing ideas around.

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I drill out the primer hole and thread it. Then use random spacer to pull it out using a bolt.

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This seems to be the best way, just have to let it sit till I can grab my tap and die set. :sleepy:

Another option if you can’t wait is to buy one of the stuck case removal kits. Cleavers have a Hornady one for $35 and it has everything you need in it.


Perhaps just but a single tap from your local hardware / tool shop, a shifter will suffice to thread one hole.
Gets you back to reloading and you’ll have a spare tap for your set.

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