Stock for Tikka T3X/Target Shooting?

Hey all,

It took 3 months to process but I finally got my license and put an order down on a 2021 Tikka Super Varmint in 6.5CM. I like the look of the Cerakote finish and the fluted bolt. I’m also keen on the 2 stage trigger, with this being the first time it’s been available outside of the TAC A1.
With that being said, while the stock has some nice features such as an adjustable cheek rest, buttpad and wider forend, from what I understand it’s quite light. Once I have a feel for the gun and get used to shooting over the next 4-6 months, I feel that I’m going to want to upgrade this stock to something heavier and more stable without spending a ton. Even if it’s not entirely necessary, it’ll be nice to somewhat customize a rifle that already comes with all the features I could possibly need. I’m not too fussed on whether it’s a chassis or stock and I’d probably like to keep the budget under $800. Does anyone have suggestions?


Surprisingly, the Oryx one piece chassis from MDT is heavy and has the adjustments for well under $800. It’s one long piece of aluminium stock.

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Does it come with butt as well, or just the chassis?

The butt is integral. No A2 style swaps. You can by a pack of spacers to extend it, but it has built in cheek adjustment.

(Not my gun)

I bought a used one for my Howa and it was $500 delivered. Basically brand new. Its added some much needed weigh to the 300 PRC kicker.

You can buy different colored plastic panel sets (or just paint them)
Adjustable thumbwheels for the cheek piece (I dont think they are worth it, just set and forget)
It takes all the A2 AR15 grips I have, including beaver tails, but I like the MDT offering actually: its made for bolt action (sets trigger finger up nicely compared to AR style grips)
Mine came with some rails up front.
I notice there is one flat section forward most (for bipod etc…) and an angled section closer to the magwell, I assume for attaching a barricade stop or maybe a fore grip?
AI mags drop in and out perfectly.
Umm…yeah it’s solid value.


All the MDT chassis systems work well, KRG also make good stuff.
They all work, really comes down to how much you want to spend and what sort of look you are going for.
Tikka make a great gun, solid foundation. It will shoot well out of any decent quality stock or or chassis.
I really like my KRG bravo, I’ve shot pretty much all the different MDT and KRG chassis. They all look a bit different, they all function about the same.


Thanks Jizz, I do like the Oryx, the colour scheme would actually go fairly well with the grey Cerakote though black pannels would be cool too.

I have seen an Oryx in the shop and it looked tiny, though I think it was on a .22 - does the size of it vary depending on which barreled action/caliber it’s going in?

Alrighty sweet KRG and MDT seem to be the main suggestions at this price point. I do like the Bravo too. I think I’d consider the Oryx, XRS or KRG Bravo. I mainly wasn’t sure if there was other brands or options I hadn’t considered at a similar price point.

I’ll sus the prices and weight differences make a decision from there. :muscle:

And yet, without firing a shot, you want to change it???

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No, as I said, after about 6 months of shooting and getting a feel for it, I may want to change it. Somewhat for function and somewhat to do at least one modification to a rifle that already comes with just about everything.

Chassis are cool :slight_smile: Don’t listen to @danmac - he’s perpetually salty. We keep him as a forum condiment :blush:

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Perhaps I am a bit “salty”, but at my age I’m allowed to be :roll_eyes:
Better question to be asked would be:
What type of “target” shooting are you looking at, competition or simply going to the range and shooting at something?
If the answer is competition, you will need to make sure that whatever you do to the rifle complies with the rules for that comp.
I’m sorry but, if spending $800 just to look “cool” is the reason for replacing the stock, I just don’t get it.

Just in case I get called a “fudd”, I do own rifles with “chassis”. Here’s my air rifle, the almost infinite adjustability of this one means it could be configured for just about anyone and any position. It is configured for me, @ 6’1", for offhand shooting here in this pic.

Not so much to “look cool”, mainly because I’d like to swap something out from standard. Surely there’s people that actually enjoy the modification side of things to make things a little more individual?

Besides, a heavier stock will provide more stability, which is also something I’m anticipating wanting. If I find that I like the standard stock, then I’ll keep it. As mentioned, this would be 6 months down the track or so.

As for competing, I’m unsure on that at the moment. Likely just going to stay a hobbiest.

Anyhow I like Oryx and the XRS and they’re both very well priced so if I do change something, I’ll likely get one of those 2 down the track.