Steyr Mannlichers M1885/86 M95's et al

Damn youtube! I watched an episode of Forgotten Weapons and it’s put me on a bit of a Steyr bent as far as what milsurps were used in the last two centuries. French rifles look intersting as all heck as well. The episode I watched was where they open a crate of Ethiopian guns.

Do any of you guys own some old Mannlichers or French bolt actions from the old war era? What do you like about them?
What do you hate?
How much do you want for it? :smiley:

I think 11x58R sounds pretty sexeh.

I have an M95 straight pull carbine in 8x56R, it’s a little hand cannon and kicks like a mofo with big boy loads. I quite like it. :smiley: The straight pull bolt likes a lot of oil and is far, very, very far from aristocratic K31, very, very, far. But for a pocket size lite artillery it is pretty neat.

…bullets are non existent, need to cast, which I have, BUT! Turns out you can run .338 jacketed pills through a sizing die and get just the right pill on the way out. :smiley: And they look puuuurty too.

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There’s a few Berthiers floating around but I really want a Lebel M1886. The few I’ve found have cost ludicrous amounts of money, though.

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I think Barry & Sons in WA had a couple Lebel M16s and Steyrs 1886s, I remember seeing them on their website when I was trying to suss out a Type 53.

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So I bought one a month ago. Spent that time in between acquiring brass and projectiles. Not easy at all really. Be prepared to cast or buy overseas for projectiles, and pay $1.70 per case or more in Australia unless you are prepared to buy bulk overseas (contact me first, I want in on this deal).

I did a ladder test just for shits and giggles to check for physical pressure signs, and am happy to report that the very good condition M95 Steyr I was using with Prvi cases, 210 primers, Hornady soft points and using both AR2208 and BM-2 powders was able to exceed the published safe maximum data from several authors of reloading books and some dude on a forum.

I won’t mention charge weights as Milsurps are too variable in quality and safety functions, particularly these slapped together from random leftover M95s. But I will say I am rather pleased with the results and retain all body parts and arousing facial features your mothers know me for.

So, what do I think of the Mannlicher?

Well, its a super light long gun. It points really well, better so I imagine for a shorter 5’10" person with matching length of pull. Its balanced and is fun to shoot. Its a war gun, so work it like one and its pretty flawless, even with the silly soft points I was using. The two stage trigger is good in the first, the second is still heavy like potatos in a sack. The sights are for WWI dreamtime stuff. The lowest setting is 300m meaning you have to aim a foot under your inteded target at 100m. Im thinking about making a taller front sight with a file and some stock. Or some bloody JB weld.

My rifle cost me $690.00 which wasn’t cheap, but I got a great barrel, matching numbers (which mean nothing to these rifles) and everything works and the sights at 500m are actually on target. I will “restore” this gun, as in clean it up. Its filthy and I will enjoy shooting it more when it looks as handsome as I do.
Thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed shooting this piece of Austro Hungarian Empire history.


That’s excellent news. Load development seems to be getting a lot harder these days, especially because most of it comes from the US where they don’t have ADI powders and they’re incredibly risk averse so you’re as likely to get cat-sneeze loads from recoil-sensitive Fudds as you are to get something duplicating the factory/military loading.

Last bits:

  • The iron sight designations are measured in ‘schritt’.
  • 1 schritt = ~75cm
  • So the lowest mark on the sights, ‘300 schritt’ is actually ~227m
  • ‘Schritt’ translated from zee Germans means ‘step’.

I’m thinking of a M95 Spanish mauser…anyone have one?

Stop this nonsense, you need M95 Steyr carbine!

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Stop that nonsense…
He needs both!

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I think I will be picking one of these up, for 100m competition

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Is MRC comp back on Maxjon? Is the Anzac day comp running as normal?

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Yes we are back as normal! Anzac day is all good. Little River is ours for the day, closed to public shooters though. State titles are at little river also…first or 2nd wknd in April I think. The Saturday will be a big day for your M39 if that’s your arm of choice, although 303 would be better for the 10 shots in 50 seconds string. I can send you the comp flier by PM ? But as a member, you should have the Parabellum, emailed to you?