Steyr Mannlichers M1885/86 M95's et al

Damn youtube! I watched an episode of Forgotten Weapons and it’s put me on a bit of a Steyr bent as far as what milsurps were used in the last two centuries. French rifles look intersting as all heck as well. The episode I watched was where they open a crate of Ethiopian guns.

Do any of you guys own some old Mannlichers or French bolt actions from the old war era? What do you like about them?
What do you hate?
How much do you want for it? :smiley:

I think 11x58R sounds pretty sexeh.

I have an M95 straight pull carbine in 8x56R, it’s a little hand cannon and kicks like a mofo with big boy loads. I quite like it. :smiley: The straight pull bolt likes a lot of oil and is far, very, very far from aristocratic K31, very, very, far. But for a pocket size lite artillery it is pretty neat.

…bullets are non existent, need to cast, which I have, BUT! Turns out you can run .338 jacketed pills through a sizing die and get just the right pill on the way out. :smiley: And they look puuuurty too.

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There’s a few Berthiers floating around but I really want a Lebel M1886. The few I’ve found have cost ludicrous amounts of money, though.

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I think Barry & Sons in WA had a couple Lebel M16s and Steyrs 1886s, I remember seeing them on their website when I was trying to suss out a Type 53.

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