Steel shot on small ferals

Has anyone here had much experience running steel shot in their shotgun? Especially on smaller ferals like rabbits and foxes?

I’m mostly going to be using the shotgun on a winery, and the owner and I figured it wasn’t the best idea to possibly pollute the water table there.

Alright, I’ll find out for science next time I’m up there.

Picked up the Lanber this weekend, there’s something so satisfying about the thunk when you open and close the action.

You can’t shoot steel shot through a choked gun and its more expensive, other than that a rabbit is not going to know the difference

Bismuth, could be an option @Tempestman. :blush:

Yeah, I was more concerned on what number shot and choke to run, but I found some good online stuff explaining it specifically for steel, so I think I’m ready for the rabpocalypse next time I’m up there.


Old thread but please explain…
Surely a shotgun needs a choke!?!

Cylinder choke = bore size.

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As wombat said cylinder or open choke is the same as no choke at all.
The thing with steel shot is that unlike lead shot it will not compress, trying to force a lump of steel through a hole (the choke) that’s too small for it will turn it into a pipe bomb essentially.

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So steel shot has reduced effective range over choked lead shot?

Yes, It also has reduced range due to a pellet of steel having less mass than a pellet of lead the same size.

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