Stay At Home restrictions relaxing in QLD mean hunting and range attendance should be allowed again

We have written to the Queensland Police Minister (Mark Ryan MP) and the Premier (Annastacia Palaszczuk MP) and said that, as far as we are concerned, the changes to “stay at home” restrictions mean we can go hunting or target shooting at the range (while observing social distancing rules and remaining within 50km of home) from Saturday.

The onus is now on them to refute that - they have until 5pm on Friday.

Unless we hear otherwise from the Premier or Police Minister, outdoor ranges should be able to open for licensed shooters from Saturday, should the range operators choose to open.

Given hunting and target shooting is now apparently OK, we are also calling for all remaining restrictions on gun shop trade to be lifted too - and we’ll have more to say on these issues if they remain restricted, too, since it will be proof that stopping us from competing or hunting has nothing to do with COVID-19 and everything to do with the Government hating guns and gun owners.


Great initiative Sir. One can only hope this gets across the line. I have a new rifle that I have not yet fired and it the suspense is killing me.

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Good work guys, I’m itching to get away for a hunt (even though I’m in vic) :partying_face:

Road trip??? :red_car: :taxi: :blue_car: :racing_car:


Nice to see some restrictions easing… hope you get your gun shops open soon too. My trip to the Cape is binned indefinately :frowning:

I just hope they ease the restrictions here in Vic before the end of May when I start my new job and won’t have time to get away for a while.

WA advises ranges there may open now, subject to social distancing requirements. We were surprised too.

WA Ranges allowed to open announcement

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Good stuff, just what we have been waiting to hear.
Now that we have somewhere to shoot there should be no reason to keep the shops closed, they restrictions should have been lifted as soon as the ranges were opened again.

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Good to see the anti gun state leading the way!! The others have no excuses now :wink:

I think they are just luring them in to a trap.

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They are wanting everyone to use up whatever ammo they have left before banning everything indefinitely.

Seriously though, they actually never shut ranges in the first place which is why i find it interesting they used it as an excuse to shut gun shops. Ssaa ranges have and still remain open for causal use. Comps won’t start any time soon as a club wouldn’t want a 50k fine if someone dobbed them in for SD breach.

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Nice work with getting WA ranges open.
But, I hope everybody noticed the last bit of the notice regarding gun shops. There is NO CHANGE to the current restrictions. Why would that be, I wonder?

And for Gregfiddich. I don’t know which State/Territory you are in but in my part of QLD, SSAA ranges have not been operating because there would be no insurance cover should any unfortunate event have occurred.

WA sorry mate.

We got notification from SSAA that we can keep the club open if we choose to but they suggested we stop comps until 31st of may.

@ShootersUnion Any updates on this?

They didn’t refute them and we’re not aware of anyone being charged for going hunting or attending a range over the weekend :slight_smile: