Starting busting clays

So, I’ve been busting a few clays in the paddock with my boy, but he asked to go to a club for a try… Took him down to the international clay target club and they were really helpful. Dino really took his time with Eddie and had him busting plenty on the DTL trap and even a few on the skeet course… Now I need to find him a gun of his own because the 410 is fun, but not as much as the 12 g with low velocity loads.

Have you considered the 20g for the young bloke? My Mrs has settled on 16g and enjoys it. Of course the advantage of the 12, especially one with removable chokes, is it’s future useability if he continues to grow and expand his shooting interests. Good to see another young person shooting, Cheers.

Good to see that you both enjoyed it. Now the hunt is on for his own :star_struck: I think that he might enjoy that just as much.

Yeah I actually thought I’d be trying to find him a 20g but they aren’t that common, and I came across these low recoil 12 g loads that have a little less shot and are rated at 980 f/s rather than the normal loads which are around 1200 “ish” f/s.

With a slip on recoil pad he’s doing well with them, so I’m going down that path. I think I’ll be looking for a second hand silver pigeon that’s not going to break the piggy bank

Happy days.

He’ll enjoy it a lot more than my wallet will… I wonder if I can bring my self to chop a bit off of the stock of my 1966 Belgian Browning A2 so the length of pull fits him… Hmmmm

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Hope that he starts to grow quickly and you dont have to cut down the Browning :slight_smile:

Much better if you can get a 12g and use lower recoil or 24gm shot which wont kick as much. Cheaper and also gets him used to the weight, length, swing etc of a 12g as opposed to a 20g. Ammo is much cheaper and easier to find a reasonable 2nd hand one.

If he is hooked, after a while he will grow into a full size stock and job will be right. Then you can get a nice Beretta for DTL.

Gawd damn it. So it’s the boys birthday today. Last week I was looking for a gun for him and stumbled across a barely used Miroku G70. It was so “unused” that if it had been cleaned better you would have bought it as “new” and not been any the wiser. Paid $1100 compared to the best price I could get a new one of $1525. Somehow I managed to get the PTA back yesterday, and chopped the stock down to give him a 13" length of pull. Headed off to the club today and now I’m getting ready for him to start kicking my butt…


Good stuff, he will be one happy camper and will be bugging you to take him out more often.
Hopefully it will be awhile before he starts kicking your butt too hard.

Gutsy move cutting the stock down. Although not that hard to make and put spacers in. I did it for my rifle to add extra weight and decided i didn’t like the extra length. Its a really hard thing to quantify from scratch.

You guys are going to have a lot of fun. Clays really are a bit more of something that can be done together as you can get up there next to each other shoot at a clay one after the other.

Not really. The guy that is coaching was rock solid about what length of pull he needed so I went with that. I was a little nervous on the test cut I made (about 1/2 between factory length and where I needed it to be) but it was actually quite easy.

Yeah maybe…probably not. I’m too used to aiming

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Yep. The wife is much, much happier about him busting clays than bunnies…