Starrett butcher knife set review.

We’ve had this set of Starrett butcher knives for several years and use them for all of our meat processing. These knives have more than met our expectations, they have proven to have superb edge retention and can do a lot of work before needing a couple of hits on the steel. The set comes with a dual grit stone, but we haven’t needed to use it thus far.

Overall we’re extremely pleased with the quality of this set and highly reccomend it. The set can be found on fleabay for supprisingly low prices.

Here’s a couple of pictures, so you can see what you get in the set.

In summary… If you either already process your own meat or are planning to start doing so, I don’t think you would be dissapointed with this set. :+1: :smiley: :beers:


Dexter, is that you?

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Lol, I’ve actually been thinking about getting another set to keep behind the seat in the hunting rig. But I’m a little concerned that the boy’s in blue may ask me the same question if they find it… :joy:

Looks like a pretty good set. Thanks for posting

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Holy shit I was about to make a thread about what are good knives for out in the field!!! This is great, I love Starrett products.

I have this set of Buck tools which are fine for smaller beasts, but an absolute chore for bovine, as you might imagine.

So, what does it cost? I can use the whole set at work for making prime cuts, but three of them in the field are what I need.

Sorry but they look like they would be really uncomfortable to hold but they do look cool.

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It’s a ripper of a set mate imo… After putting it through its paces, I wouldn’t be dissapointed if I’d paid 2-3 times the price tbh… Starrett is well known for high quality stuff, ask a machinist if they have or like Starrett dial indicators etc,etc… I was not only supprised at the price, but didn’t even realise Starrett made knives… :relaxed: :beers:

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Paid a pissant $129 for ours, you can get them for close to that on fleabay from a number of sellers… Just don’t tell them I would be happy to pay 2-3 times that prior to me buying a few more sets, one for the hunting rig and a couple for gifting to a couple of hunting buddies… :relaxed:

Also, know you could knock a couple of ripper sheaths for the ones you pilfer out of the set for field use mate… :+1:

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Fair comment. The lack of handles means a reduction in pack size. They fit on my belt rig, out of the way. In the rain and sweat, they do quite well at getting you a cape to roll up and cart back to the salt at camp, and take some skeletal trophy.

I did use them twice in young bovine for meat harvesting, and they did the job but indeed, discomfort and hard work.


Its the saw that you always want for taking the whole rib plate of beouf, and the hatchet for lower jaws of hog!

Hey @JizzFlinger if you get a set just don’t let the Mrs get hold of them, before you pilfer what you want for field use… My Mrs has laid claim to this set… She knows how to use them :hushed:… Challenged me to a race, to break down some ckickens, well yeah apparently I cant do that in 30-35 seconds… :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: I guess she’s the man :confused: lol​:joy:

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Hehe, chickens are fun. If you are allowed to massage them first (i.e. dislocate them) they come apart at light speed!

My Mrs puts chips in them!!! :rage:
They aren’t cleavers for [email protected]&$ sake!

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That’s about all you should pay for a Chinese made knife set.
I won a similar set at a shoot a couple of years ago, they now live in my camp-box