Staright pull shotguns

Okies fellas, so both @AusTac and @GUN-DMC got me thinking, I would like something long and black that I could pull LOL

SHS looks sexy and, well, I do love shooting slugs, so cough, yeah, anyway, I kinda feel like I need one.

So, who here has a straight-pull shotgun? What do you have? Feedback? do you like it/love it/buyers remorse? Why? Pros/cons, discuss!

Personally, I am keen on 18" to 20" barrel versions.

Getting a dickinson 18" when i can, felt like a hollow plastic tube but that just means i’ll hate it and use it, tried them all in the shop, the action is so incredibly loud though like a pump gun

How come not SHS or something else? Like what attracted you to that one over others?

Had a good play with the super scary looking tactical shs today.
Took a little bit to get used to it, but it was pretty good for follow up shots once you got the hang of it.

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Down to 300 left to pay on the shs I’m buying the missus so will be able to put a review up in around three or four weeks :rofl: (bloody rain and bloody dam :persevere: )
I really like the adjustable stock as it means both of us can use the same gun with minimal [email protected]#k around :+1:


I did find that the plastic adjustable stock was a bit hard on the shoulder after a bunch of slugs, wouldn’t be so bad for hunting though

New recoil pad?

The missus is fairly handy with a needle and thread so if it becomes a problem with recoil for either of us she can whip something up with a bit of high density foam I’ve got layin around here and I’ll araldite it to the stock. We’ve never owned a shottie or a dedicated left hand gun before so we’re both getting excited and a little frustrated waiting but soon sooooon! :rofl:

Or a couple of tubes of superglue…

So we finally brought the new addition home!!:grinning:

Out of the box its a nice little light weight shottie. Well put together for less than 1k price tag and shitloads.of fun to shoot although it’s taking a bit of concentration not to lift or drop the bolt :rofl:
The only real irritation was the limiter in the mag tube no one told me about it meaning I could only load one shell at a time. Sorry this is so brief but gotta run. Here’s some photos.



That’s a nice looking shorty.
I like the red/black combo.

How does it handle?

One word of warning though, in the first and last photos I see that you have one of the most dangerous things that are often found in homes at your feet. You might want to get rid of it quickly as I believe that they have caused more injuries than firearms. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think that may be his distance marker.

@Sungazer got it in one :grin:
@1Fatman mate its a nice gun to shoot .It did take a little getting used to the bolt ajd to b feel of the synthetic but it is very rapidly growing on us. As @GUN-DMC said the first box or so of shots the bolt was a little clunky but that’s settled nicely and being so light I’m able to hold it to the shoulder and work the bolt right handed so I’ve been lazy and haven’t switched to the provided left hand bolt handle yet. We were only using light no4’s so I think it would have a little kick using heavier loads but wack a recoil pad on it’d be more than manageable. I should also caveat what I’ve said by adding I’m not all that experienced with shotties so a more knowledgeable shot gunner may pick up on things i haven’t . All in all its a lot of fun to shoot and with the adjustable/removable stock should make a excellent thick scrub gun. :grinning: